ForceLeaderBoard - A Salesforce Trailhead & Certification Leaderboard

Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board - ForceLeaderBoard (Unofficial)

Force Leader Board - Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board

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Here it comes ... It's time to show your trailhead badges and certifications in on place.

Walkthrough: Home: You can see the top 5 trailblazers basis on the badges, points, and number of certifications.

Trailblazers Board: This shows the top 1000 trailblazers. Here you can sort by Badges, Points and the total number of certifications.

Salesforce Certification

How to Join this board?

  1. Go to
  2. Then click on the Join Board tab.
  3. Put your email address and password. (No worries, I won't spam you.) This single-screen allows you to join or log in.
  4. Now click on SignIn/SignUp button.

Welcome to the Trailhead and Certification board!!!!

How to add a trailhead profile?

My code needs your trailhead profile link. If you know that then please copy and paste that into Trailhead Profile URL box. (This is a must. otherwise, your profile doesn't come in the leaderboard)

If you don't know the profile URL then:

  1. Go to Trailhead and log in here.
  2. Click on your profile picture (Top-right corner)
  3. Now go to the Profile
  4. Copy the URL and paste it into the Trailhead Profile URL box. (Ex:

How to add Salesforce Certifications?

  1. Go to Salesforce Certification Verification.
  2. Search for your name/email.
  3. Then click on View Certification button.
  4. Now Click on the Print View button.
  5. Copy URL and paste it into the Certification URL box.

If you want to add social links then please copy and paste the full URL of your social profile.

Hit the Update button. It will fetch current trailhead and certification data to the leaderboard.

Salesforce Leaderboard

Refresh Time:

My code refreshes the database in every 3-4 hours. But you can refresh immediately using the below steps:

  1. Login to the board.
  2. Click on the Update button in your profile.

I am not selling your data to anyone. You are free to join the board. 🙂

Help & Support:

Your feedback can make this board more awesome. Please don't hesitate to email me with feedback, bug report, forgot password/username. (Email: [email protected])

Please share it with your awesome trailblazers.

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