Salesforce Has Acquired Phennecs

Salesforce Has Acquired Phennecs, A Well-Known Provider of Privacy, Compliance, and Data Management Solutions

After enjoying being in the years-long OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership, World’s number one CRM solution provider, Salesforce, has completed the acquisition of Phennecs, the ultimate solution provider of privacy, compliance, and data management.

All the solutions are built on the Salesforce platform.

The Details of The Salesforce Acquisition of Phennecs

On the fourth of April twenty-twenty-two, the CRM solution provider announced on its official website that they have closed its acquisition of Phennecs.

Salesforce stated on their website, “Phennecs and Salesforce have enjoyed a multi-year OEM partnership with products co-developed and sold exclusively through Salesforce. With Trust as our #1 value, Salesforce is always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to build compliance into their data lifecycle. By bringing Phennecs in-house, Salesforce can do even more to help developers manage their data with security and privacy compliance functions built-in.”

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About Phennces – In Brief

Known as a well-reputed technology firm, Phennecs helps businesses transform sensitive data or information in Salesforce and boost their security, compliance, and productivity.

In the years of long OEM partnership with Salesforce, the company has co-developed a myriad of products that were sold exclusively through the Salesforce platform.

Phennecs platform empowers the Salesforce platform with strong privacy and compliance. It ensures – 

  • That Salesforce sandbox has adequate test data without including any particular business information. Phennecs is equipped with state-of-the-art tools compliant with GDPR, PCI, CCPA, HIPAA, and different pivotal privacy regulations.
  • For the Salesforce sandboxes, Phennecs simplifies privacy management. It enables users to automatically mitigate PI or PII prevailing in the sandbox of Salesforce. It enables users to fill in the data, which is crucial from a testing point of view.
  • It has easy usability features. It means that Phennecs have the most user-friendly interface, which is used by anyone. It will help Salesforce developers as well admins to ensure the anonymity of the sandboxes of the Salesforce platform without using complex codes.
  • The business performs the configuration of the Phennecs solutions in the production instance. It will make everything easier. 
  • Phennecs in Sandbox management helps users in replicating and reducing the data privacy handling.

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Both companies, Salesforce and Phennecs have played a successful inning as OEM partners where they have co-developed the products and sold them exclusively through the Salesforce platform. 

With this acquisition, Salesforce has once more proved that it concerns a lot about trust factors for its customers. This acquisition will help Salesforce consulting companies with Salesforce developers in managing their data with more sturdy security.

Salesforce Completes Acquisition of Phennecs

The users will get to leverage the built-in compliance functionalities through this acquisition.

As a Salesforce consulting company, we hope that with this update Salesforce will definitely revolutionize the security and compliance effects.


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