Learn Salesforce Einstein – Chapter 4 (How to check API Usage)

Learn Salesforce Einstein – Chapter 4 (How to check API Usage)

How to check API Usage

You can see this page if you have uploaded the key using these steps.

You see below sections here:

1. API Usage: You can see how much Protection you have and how much you have consumed.

2. Plan: It tells you about your plane name, Amount of plans, and source of the plan(Salesforce, Heroku).

3. Other Information: It includes some other information like ID, Organization ID etc.

4. Key Setup: You can see your uploaded key file here. You can go to the link and can delete, modify the key.

5. API Version: You can change API version for Einstein from here. Right now Einstein has two version.

Version1: It can predict about image.

Version2: It has image prediction, sentiment analysis and intent prediction.

I request you to use V1. Which will be default during app setting because V2 is in Beta. You may or may not get expected results.

If you are learning then you can try V2.

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