Integrating Single Salesforce Org With Multiple Jira Instances with Sinergify

Why the need for different Jira instances within the same organization?

As we all know, Salesforce is a CRM platform and organizations use it for storing and managing customer data, tracking customer activities, and performing numerous other customer data-related activities.

Atlassian Jira, on the other side, is a ticket and project management tool. Many organizations, if not all, use different Jira instances for keeping a separate track for different projects. However, only a single Salesforce Org is used within most organizations.

Other than the aforementioned reason, there are other known reasons for organizations for using separate Jira instances, which are listed below:

  • They want different Jira instances for different teams.
  • They want different Jira set-ups for separate operations.
  • They want separate Jira instances for each product they offer.

That’s, however, one scenario. Another scenario is the M&A activities of companies.

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More often than not, we have heard about mergers and acquisitions of companies. In these scenarios too, the companies want to keep separate Jira instances for separate tracking of the updates.

Is it possible to integrate multiple Jira instances with a single Salesforce Org?

As mentioned earlier that most, if not all, organizations have a single Salesforce Org. So, they are usually in the dilemma of choosing only one Jira instance that is to be integrated with their Salesforce Org.

But since integration is supposed to be a way out for removing the friction points that hinder smooth communication and collaboration between teams. These friction points emerge naturally when teams work separately on different systems.

So, if the organizations are to choose only one Jira instance to integrate with Salesforce, the purpose of integration is not being fulfilled in this scenario.

I noticed a pattern in the last couple of years where such organizations were sharing the requirement for allowing the integration of multiple Jira instances with a single Salesforce Org on separate platforms including Salesforce and Jira communities.

But, there’s no product available in the market that allows the integration of different Jira instances with a single Salesforce org. So, I discussed this with our product manager and our team of engineers.

After rigorous discussions and doing a feasibility check, we concluded that it was possible to enable a feature to integrate multiple Jira instances with a single Salesforce Org.

My team of engineers worked on creating the workflows to enable the integration of multiple Jira integrations with a single Salesforce Org.

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So, I’m delighted to share that e will be introducing this feature in our upcoming Sinergify release v2.0, which is all set to be unveiled in April 2021.

Wonderful news, right? There are many other enhancements in the product, which will be rolled out with v2.0. There are more updates to follow, so stay tuned!

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