How to convert BAK file into CSV using ACT EXPORTER TOOL and import in to salesforce

In this Blog, you will learn, how to use the Exporter tool. The Exporter tool allows us to take the client's ACT database BAK files and turns into CSV's to import them in salesforce database.

There are some steps to setup the tool with your PC.

Step-1:  Install the Exporter tool and enter your licence key.


Step-2: To use the ACT  Database in our tool first,we can register for ACT trial version. The trial version is for 30 days.Below is the link for registration.


Step-3:  Install the Sage ACT! Database Premium 2013.

Step-4: In Step 1, you can see that there are five options are there.

1. Act version:- We used the latest one ACT!2005-2012(7-14)

2.Output file conversion:- CSV/Excel

3.Sql Instance:-  Sage ACT! Premium 2013

4.ACT Database:- Select the Bak file

5.Exported Data:- Location of generated CSV

Step-5: When we clicked on the export button,CSV generation process has been started.



Step 6:Once the CSV generated in the folder.It looks like


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