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How Salesforce CRM better than other CRM ?

Salesforce is among the world’s top cloud-based CRM software. It can help a business in becoming more efficient, streamlined, and effective. Salesforce has evolved a lot over the years and can offer innovative CRM solutions.

Selecting a good CRM solution is important for a business. In today’s competitive world efficiency is crucial to get ahead of the competition. Running a business is a lot of hard work and it can be difficult to find time to contrast and compare CRM solutions available.

A little research will show let you know that Salesforce CRM is the best investment and effective in moving ahead in the industry.

Here are a few things that make Salesforce CRM better than other CRM solutions available.

Convenient to Use

Salesforce CRM is a better choice because it is easy to understand and use. Its design is similar to websites and you can easily browse through it. You can log in from anywhere and stay in touch with your colleagues. The CRM also allows you to keep an eye on the customer data and update it anytime you need it.

The CRM is highly flexible as you can log in anytime, anywhere. The secure infrastructure makes sure that your data is safe no matter where you log in. It has a lot of cloud solutions for analytics, marketing, support, and sales.

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Every business has unique needs and it is not easy to find a CRM solution that is perfect for the business. Salesforce CRM is easy to customize. If you want to add any new fields and modules then you can do it quickly and easily. It makes sure that businesses can create workflows and processes that are best suited for them.

Multitenant platform

The Salesforce CRM allows all the users to share the same infrastructure. It makes sure that there are simultaneous and automatic updates for all the users. The safety of the data is compromised at all. Security of the data is crucial and primary concern for customers and Salesforce CRM has exactly what they need.

Integration Options

Salesforce platform is worth investing in because it has a well-documented open API which makes Salesforce integration possible. The integration makes it possible to map out the business processes onto Salesforce and effectively increase productivity.

Mobile CRM

Salesforce is among the first companies to introduce the concept of mobile CRM. The feature allows businesses to keep up with the work even when you are on a vacation.

AppExchange Ecosystem

It allows you to create and advertise an app. If you do not have your app then the AppExchange ecosystem offers access to thousands of applications that are verified, useful, and secure. These apps are created by other people and Salesforce glossary has all the information you need to know about them.


Salesforce offers a supportive community that is always ready to help customers. The community offers great support and provides great customization services. The companies get access to a wide range of developer talent.

Customer Success Platform

The CRM should assist a business in carrying out all their tasks efficiently. Salesforce CRM can unify a variety of principal functions and enjoy customer success. It makes it easier for businesses to provide service, collaborate, market, see and create apps on one platform.

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Excellent Reporting

It has a great suite of reporting tools that allow companies to save money and time. The tools make it easier to make the business stand out and get the attention it needs to succeed. The reporting feature is easy to customize and makes sure that it gives real-time analytics and reports.


Salesforce CRM is a better choice than other CRM solutions because it has the best features to offer. It has a wide variety of systems and categories so it meets the needs of most businesses.

Reference: SP Tech


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