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How 2 (Friends) Salesforce Developers Built a Million Dollar Company?

The founders of AnavClouds Software are both Salesforce professionals, doing well in their own spheres of work. They happened to meet through a common friend of theirs and started working together for some time. As the volumes grew they decided over a cup of steaming coffee that it was the right time to start a venture of their own, in 2016.

How Was The Concept Started?

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. Peter Drucker

That is entrepreneurship in a nutshell, in the words of the famous Marketing Consultant and Author.  The founders, Gaurav Singh and Anil Vaishnav had the objective of creating wealth. Their skills were complementary to each other. They just needed the resources and the right innovative mindset for a successful business of their own.

Gaurav, the founder, and CEO of AnavClouds Software is more of a marketing person who has seven years of experience as a Salesforce Consultant and Evangelist and holds a Masters degree in Animation and VFX from a leading Canadian University. He is passionate about technology, business, innovations, and the latest advancements happening around the world.

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Anil, the CTO is the technical expert, a 4X certified Salesforce Solution architect. Anil has a decade of experience in Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud and even worked with established Salesforce companies, in the role of Solution Architect.

Blessed with strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational capabilities, Anil efficiently manages multiple Salesforce projects simultaneously, which includes handling a variety of configuration, development, customization, integration, and implementation tasks. He has several certifications and accomplishments to his name. He holds a Master of Science degree with a specialization in Information Technology.

How Were The First Few Years?

AnavClouds Software works in Salesforce development, implementation, and support services. Their clients are all based outside India. In the first year, AnavClouds Software earned a revenue of $200,000. However, now they are on a path of steady growth, and last year achieved annual revenue of $1.5 million (2019-20, 2020).

Awards or achievements if any:

  • Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • Nominated in “India 500 Startup Companies”

What lessons did they learn?

Entrepreneurship amounts to failure and success. These two budding entrepreneurs learned to cope with their failures well, as their venture grew. They focus quite a lot on acquiring knowledge - fast. In times of Covid-19, they have still managed to grow at a reasonable pace- navigating in uncharted waters well during a unique pandemic. 

Why AnavClouds Software is a Preferred Destination for Novice and Experienced Developers?

They have hired a talented workforce of Salesforce professionals. The organization is employee-centric and knowledge-oriented. The core management does not believe in providing any stress-inducing conditions for their employees, Now, in the time of Covid-19, most of their employees are working from home.

They inspire the team to tread on the path of continuous learning. Acquiring knowledge is the mantra shared by this organization and no doubt the employees, even the novice developers feel extremely satisfied to work with AnavClouds.

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1. Future Plans

Yes, they dream to maintain their pace of growth among the other Salesforce Consulting partners. They want to grow at a rapid pace, doubling their resources and have grand plans of opening an office at Gurgaon, in the near future - scaling up and growing.

Recently, for the past year or so, AnavClouds has entered the Digital Landscape. They want to reach out to their target audiences, in different markets, across geographies - over the various platforms. They have a concrete road map for a digital footprint for their company and will foray into strategic digital marketing.

2. Message for the Young Turks

The founders never want their workforce to take the stress and work in a relaxed way. They always encourage task completion by their team. They ask the developers to take the series of Salesforce certification exams for development, for a better future for themselves and the organization.

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