Highlights of Salesforce and Alibaba collaboration

Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud have confirmed that they are working on a deal to build Salesforce Social Commerce, a headless commerce platform that will be designed and created in China to assist transnational corporations to expand their business in the region. For many Salesforce customers, doing business in China is crucial because it is the world's largest online retail market. Companies operating in the region, however, face obstacles such as functionality, annual internal legislation, and trouble connecting with local Chinese platforms.

This phenomenon is being taken into account when Salesforce Social Commerce is developed. Its purpose is to assist businesses in unifying data across their Chinese marketplaces and providing links with essential existing networks.

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Salesforce plans to offer a new, localized commerce product in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud that will encourage companies to manage and consolidate their first-party commerce experiences, from websites to social apps, to gain a 360-degree view of their customers,” stated Ryan Aytay, Salesforce's Chief Business Officer.

Chinese customers have earned a reputation for being open to new and creative shopping experiences. From live commerce and shoppable video to social retail and digital wallets, China has already adopted technology that would be called cutting-edge in the West.

One of these developments is social commerce. The distinction between e-commerce and social networks is frequently blurred in China. eCommerce platforms have games, collective purchases, online streaming, and content-posting features, whereas social networks have robust e-commerce capabilities. Users should expect to see social at the heart of Salesforce Social Commerce as it evolves.

Salesforce Social Commerce will be built and featured in China on Alibaba Cloud, one of the world's top three cloud services and the largest in APAC, to support the level of virtualization required by China's pace with the fast commerce ecosystem, as well as to assist customers in complying with local data residency regulations and comprehensive review. Salesforce Social Commerce is being developed using an API-first approach, allowing it to scale to meet a brand's specific market requirements.

Salesforce Social Commerce will allow e-commerce via China-specific channels such as social network mini-programs and when it first launches. Customers' order management systems (OMS), product information management systems (PIM), shipping providers, and other digital commerce systems will be integrated with CN websites. As normal payment processing, it will also handle local payment methods such as Alipay.

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Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud promise to continuously offer new features and integrations for Salesforce Social Commerce as China's e-commerce market continues to expand at a rapid pace, providing customers with the tools they need to stay on top of market dynamics.

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