Amazon Launches Buy with Prime Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This solution allows Salesforce retailers to integrate Buy with Prime seamlessly into their shopping platforms. Buy with Prime for Salesforce introduces various new features, including the capability for customers to search and filter for Prime-eligible items and other products within the same order.

This integration empowers Salesforce retailers to connect with new customers and improve conversion rates by offering Prime's convenient purchasing features, such as rapid, complimentary delivery, a secure checkout process, 24/7 live chat support, and straightforward returns.

Michael Affronti, Salesforce's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Commerce Cloud, stated, "Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud builds upon our commitment to assist e-commerce organizations in achieving profitable growth and providing exceptional shopping experiences."

As businesses aim to expand and cultivate brand loyalty among both new and returning customers, Buy with Prime becomes a valuable tool for Salesforce merchants, enabling them to attract millions of Prime members and expand their businesses through the trusted Prime purchasing experience.

Prime Integrations

According to Peter Larsen, Vice President of Buy with Prime at Amazon, the integration of Buy with Prime and Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows merchants to present customers with a fresh yet familiar purchasing option directly within their digital storefronts. 

With new tools facilitating seamless integration into search, cart, and checkout processes, Salesforce merchants now enjoy increased freedom and functionality while retaining control over the overall appearance and ambiance of their stores.

These advantages extend beyond the customer experience. For merchants looking to expand their reach and boost revenue, this integration serves as a valuable tool, enabling them to connect with new customers and enhance conversion rates by leveraging the benefits of Prime.

Additionally, millions of Prime consumers can enjoy fast, free shipping, and hassle-free returns directly from the merchant's storefront through this connection.

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Amazon Buy with Prime Integration

Utilizing Commerce Cloud 

Amazon selected Salesforce Commerce Cloud as its preferred tool to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. Commerce Cloud assists merchants in seamlessly incorporating their existing storefronts while maintaining control over the overall shopping experience.

The Buy with Prime functionality seamlessly synchronizes with Salesforce Order Management, encompassing orders, promotions, and catalog entries. This comprehensive connectivity is also flexible, enabling retailers to customize sections such as product, cart, and checkout pages to align more effectively with the preferences and demands of their customers.

Order Management System powered by Salesforce 

Beyond the mentioned features, the Salesforce Order Management system offers additional advantages that are beneficial for both sellers and customers. Its straightforward design enables the provision of a unified system for order management and a streamlined purchasing process from initiation to completion.

Moreover, retailers can take advantage of a comprehensive 360-degree view of their business and orders, enhanced inventory analytics, and more efficient management of sales channels.

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