Salesforce Releases New Google and LinkedIn Data Cloud Integration

Salesforce has just released new Data Cloud integrations for Google and LinkedIn. Salesforce users can utilize these integrations to merge first-party data from Salesforce's #1 AI CRM and to run automated, targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn.

As the cookieless future approaches and data privacy standards move rapidly, businesses are focusing on consent-based data, which is directly gathered from their audiences, as the foundation for how they evaluate and communicate with customers.

However, data silos make it difficult for marketers to develop a unified image of their customers by leveraging their company's first-party data: Even though organizations utilize an average of 1,061 applications, 71% of them are not integrated.

What is the New Data Cloud Integration?

These new Google and LinkedIn connectors allow marketers to securely access their first-party data in Data Cloud to create segments and then run relevant advertising campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn. Advertisers can now use these additional features to do the following:

Advertising that is Linked 

A media company can create engaging and seamless advertising experiences that drive customer loyalty by leveraging unified customer profiles from Data Cloud to provide personalized ads and campaign measurement across display, video, TV, audio, and more with Google Display & Video 360.

Professional Network of Interest 

LinkedIn allows you to target nearly 1 billion active professionals based on job title, function, industry, and other criteria. Using first-party data and AI-powered product interest scoring from Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, as well as product usage data from their own apps, a tech company, for example, can create an end-to-end program to increase awareness and promote relevant upsell and cross-sell conversion opportunities.

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Salesforce Data Integrations

Advantages of Salesforce Data Integration

By merging data from throughout the Salesforce Customer 360 platform in Data Cloud, advertisers can accomplish the following: surface AI-powered insights and recommendations from Einstein, and activate them across their digital ad ecosystem:

  • Improve Ad Effectiveness: It offers a full customer profile that natively integrates customer data from marketing, commerce, sales, service, and any other touchpoint.
  • Increase efficiency: By sending the correct message to the right person at the right time via rapidly updated segment memberships, near real-time data interchange with ad partners, and suppressing users who have already paid or have open Service Cloud cases.

Salesforce Potential

Marketers are constantly under pressure to find new customers, create tailored experiences across channels, and increase margins. These new partnerships expand Data Cloud's digital ad ecosystem to new platforms, allowing businesses to engage at every stage of the consumer experience, resulting in increased loyalty and improved business outcomes." Marketing Cloud's "Steve Hammond, EVP, and General Manager".

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Final Thoughts

This concludes our discussion of the new Salesforce Data Cloud Integrations for Google and Linkedin, which will allow us to create more relevant Ad campaigns. Follow CloudMetic Solutions for more information and updates.


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