Salesforce Administrator Resume

A Guide To Writing Your Salesforce Administrator Resume

A Salesforce Administrator ensures companies experience the full potential of Salesforce and its technology. With an average starting annual salary of $79,000 and a 400% growth rate, more and more administrative professionals are applying for this position. To ensure that your resume stands out from the rest, this guide teaches you everything needs to know to get your resume noticed by your hiring manager.

Choose A Modern-Looking Resume Format

Abandon the traditional and classical looking formats that you know for sleeker, more eye-catching ones. “Don’t be afraid to use colour in your resume,” suggests Warner Payne, a resume writer at OXEssays. “There are a lot of resume formats out there, but reverse chronological order is what most hiring managers prefer to see because it allows them to quickly inspect your experience as a candidate.”

The reverse chronological resume format is the most popular among professionals for a reason. It excels at highlighting any relevant work experience to the position you’re applying for­­. In the case of a Salesforce Administrator position, a reverse chronological resume format can direct the hiring manager’s attention to your relevant administrative experience.

Review Your Layout

In general, your resume layout should appear organized and easily readable. In most cases, it should be one page in length with clear headings for each section. Your font should be size 12 pt. for the contents of your resume and slightly bigger at around size 16 pt. for your headings. In terms of style, choose a font like Arial or Calibri for a more classical look, but something like Muna, Helvetica, or Lato to stand out a bit more.

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Content: Contact Information

In addition to your name, email, and phone number include your LinkedIn and Trailhead profile. Triple-check this section to make sure the information is correct.

Content: Summary

If you possess previous experience as a Salesforce Administrator, highlight the number of years of experience you have in that role and specify the number of years of experience you have in administration. State your proudest, most relevant, and most quantifiable achievements during your time as a Salesforce Administrator.

For example:

Certified Salesforce Administrator with over 3 years of experience assisting a non-profit team to realize the full potential of Salesforce and 7 years of experience as an administrative professional. Excited to find solutions and contribute to the team at [Company Name]. Provided support to 125 Salesforce users. Developed multiple marketing strategies which have resulted in 300% growth at [Previous Employment’s Company Name].

If you have previous experience in administration, but not as a Salesforce Administrator, focus on your certification and experience as an administrative professional. Use your skills and previous achievements to convince the hiring manager that you would succeed in the position you’re applying for.

For example:

Certified Salesforce Administrator with over 7 years of experience as an administrative professional. Excited to find solutions and contribute to the team at [Company Name]. Identified opportunities to push more effective marketing strategies and improve sales performance resulting in 150% growth at [Previous Employment’s Company Name].

Content: Work History

Fortunately, there is no technical background required to begin your career as a Salesforce Administrator. Unfortunately, this means your competition is stiff. To stand out from the crowd of applicants, draw attention to your relevant experiences with Salesforce. For each work experience, mention the job title, company name, and your time of employment there. In bullet point, explain your achievements and responsibilities using the job description you’re applying for as a guide to determine which are the most relevant.

For example:

Salesforce Administrator

[Previous Employment’s Company Name]

February 2018-July 2021

  • Provided support to 100 Salesforce users and served as a point of contact for end-user support.
  • Created training materials and conducted training on all Salesforce related systems to sales, marketing, and customer service teams
  • Developed reports and dashboards to track data quality and integrity for management visibility

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Content: Skills

Under your skills section, list your administrative, technical, and project management skills. Specifically, address the skills required as stated in the job description.

Content: Education

State your degree, the name of your college or university, its location, and the year of your graduation.

Content: Certifications

For the certifications section, confirm that you are indeed a Salesforce Certified Administrator and mention any badges you have earned.

After skillfully crafting a competitive Salesforce Administrator Resume, don’t forget to write a convincing cover letter to stand out from the other applicants and land an interview.

Emily Henry is a content writer who frequently writes about Salesforce CRM technologies. You can find her writing at Liahelp.


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