Salesforce for Non-Profit Organizations

5 Reasons to Choose Salesforce for Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofits are the healers of our society. They try to bring required cultural and judiciary changes for a better future.

In the digital age, nonprofits can benefit their organization with maximum engagement and spread awareness to a large number of people.

Digitalization is not limited to social media; certain tools can help you reach more people along with social media users.

Salesforce has an awesome data management tool with NPSP (Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack).

The Salesforce CRM portal is affordable to fit your limited budget.

Let us know more about the NPSP and its benefits for Nonprofit organizations:

Salesforce NPSP

Salesforce's NPSP is a set of packages created and maintained by the Salesforce organization. This tool helps nonprofit organizations to manage their activities effectively. It is a pre-configured app for nonprofits that is user-friendly for organizations and customers. It is an open-source tool made by keeping the needs of nonprofits in mind; NPSP is built with the Salesforce community. Whether your organization is well-established, a beginner, or in the middle of learning, this tool is beneficial for all.

With NPSP, you can:

  • Manage organization accounts, donation funds, affiliations, contacts, etc.
  • Track relationships and status of donations and recurring donations.

With NPSP's Rollup Summary Fields, you can know the:

  • First Donation Amount
  • First Donation Date
  • Last Donation Amount
  • Last Donation Date
  • Total Funds

You must note that these fields are not a part of standard Salesforce CRM. These are only part of the NPSP package.

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Salesforce Portal for Nonprofit

If you don't want to suffer through the hassle of maintaining and managing CRM, then the Salesforce portal is for you!

Due to its highly valuable features and functionalities, the Salesforce portal is the one-stop solution for Salesforce. Here are more reasons:

  • Centralized Channel

The hassle of connecting with each user from individual channels can hamper your productivity, and you might leave a few users without a reply for more than 24 hours. This means that you have already lost the funds they were interested in donating or a cause they wanted to talk about. Thus, a centralized system is a solution here. You will never miss out on any user.

With the Salesforce customer portal, you can get all the queries, funds, etc., directed to one channel. Whether it is social media or any other promotional page, you will not have to be a part of the hassle.

  • Automating the Operations

The Salesforce portal is a promising solution for nonprofits. Its feature like donor management, adds value and supports various operations of nonprofits like tracking volunteers and donors, raising funds, generating leads, etc. It enhances productivity by increasing organizational management.

It ensures that the organization gets a clear view of all CRM details in the portal and can even manage those details automatically. So, when a donor donates funds from any channel, it automatically shows in the centralized system.

Plus, you no longer need to sync the data to CRM, as the Salesforce customer portal automatically would do that for them.

  • Reduces Licensing Cost

We all know about the high amount of Salesforce licensing cost, but there's a way to reduce it. You can have a portal that provides the benefit of onboarding unlimited users with one license. Yes, it is possible! When you choose a Salesforce customer portal from a company that aces in portal development, you can get some cost benefits too.

This way, you can have the best tool in your budget.

  • Robust Security and Sharing Model

The security of Salesforce is unquestionable. Salesforce customer portal provides robust security features like role-based access to secure the data. It will give the admin the power to request or provide limited access to the people as per their roles. For example, you can enable payment gateways and volunteer registration for all users, but you might not want to enable the private data of funds to everyone. Here, you can use role-based access.

You can even share the documents securely through a centralized system from the Salesforce portal.

  • Customization

You don't have to depend on the in-built features when you can have your desired ones. With the Salesforce portal, you can have features that fulfil your requirement.

Wrapping Up

Nonprofit organizations are a ray of hope for a better world. It has the courage to question laws and change them for a better cause. With the Salesforce portal, nonprofit organizations can help themselves to save time and effort in mundane tasks. They will not require to fill the data manually or keep the records manually as the portal will do it automatically.

With scalability and dynamic features, the Salesforce customer portal is a one-stop solution for nonprofit organizations.

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What Do You Need to Do?

As a nonprofit organization, you need to contact a company with good experience and reviews in portal development.

You have to provide them with the list of requirements or expectations you have from the portal.

Later they will update you with the best possible way to bring your expectations into a reality.

With suitable features, the Salesforce customer portal can help you save time and effort with the utmost security and excellent user experience.


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