5 Features in Salesforce's Winter '24 Release for the Experience Cloud

Hey there! Exciting news ahead! The Salesforce Winter 2024 Release is bringing a bunch of cool stuff to the Salesforce Experience Cloud. All these new things are going to make the Experience Cloud even better for users. If you want to see the full list of what's coming, check out the Salesforce Experience Cloud release notes

Exciting New Salesforce Experience Cloud Features

1. Super Flexible Visibility Rules

The visibility rules for enhanced LWR sites have gotten a major upgrade. Now, you can use two operators in a single rule, which is way more flexible than before. This means you can make your sites even more dynamic and personalized for your users. With Expression-Based Visibility, you can show or hide different parts of your site based on specific conditions. This opens up a world of possibilities for tailoring the experience to individual users.

2. Finding Components Made Easy

Experience Builder has made it simpler to find and select components. When you click on a component in the Page Structure panel, it'll highlight that component on the canvas and show its properties. And if you click on a component on the canvas, it'll do the same thing in the Page Structure panel. Plus, component labels now display in full, making it even easier to identify them.

3. Component Variations (Beta)

In the Winter '24 release, you can create different versions of the same component and use visibility rules to decide who sees which version in enhanced LWR sites. This is a great way to customize the experience for different users. To create variations, just access your component, go to the Component Variations dropdown, and choose New Component Variation.

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4. Custom CSS Styling

Now, you have more control over the look and feel of your Lightning web components within your LWR site. You can add custom CSS classes to individual components, and this makes it easy to style them just the way you want. You can define these CSS classes in your site's head markup and apply them to any component, including custom Lightning web components.

5. Actions Bar Component

This one's a game-changer! Users of your LWR site can now create and update Salesforce records right from the site itself. The Actions Bar component lets you add custom actions to an object detail page and style it to match your site's branding. It's super versatile and supports various actions like editing, creating, and updating records, giving you more ways to engage with your site visitors.

In our articleDiscover 5 Exciting Experience Cloud Features in the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release we offer even more details about each of these features, including screenshots and a video overview showcasing all the features.

In Conclusion

The Salesforce Winter '24 Release is bringing a ton of exciting features that will transform how organizations use the Salesforce Experience Cloud. From more flexible visibility rules to easier component management and the introduction of Component Variations, this release is all about creating dynamic and user-friendly experiences.

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