5 Compelling Reasons to Invest In Salesforce Integration Services

As a Customer Relationship Management tool, Salesforce is one of the world’s best and most popular platforms.

But don’t take our word for it!

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce proudly states that the company now has over 150,000 customers of all sizes and from all industries. The world’s best organizations, from Canon and Adidas to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Toyota, agree with us – and with Marc!

So if you are not using Salesforce in your organization but you want to attract and convert more customers, shorten your sales cycle and delight customers with your support processes – now is a great time to start!

OK, now you’ve implemented Salesforce in your firm and it’s performing beautifully.

But how do you make it even better? Can you make it better? And do you need to?

Yes, you can and yes you do!

Salesforce offers many built-in tools and functionalities that benefit organizations in a number of tangible ways. At the same time, your organization may also be using other apps or systems that are not ‘native’ to Salesforce. But you can use Salesforce Integration services to integrate Salesforce with the apps you already use, expertly run every aspect of your organization, and prepare it for future challenges and opportunities.

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What are the benefits of Salesforce integration? Should I hire a Salesforce Integration Consulting firm?

The beauty of Salesforce is that it is possible to extract even more value out of your Salesforce platform. All you have to do is connect it to the other tools you need (and use) to run your business!

Hiring a Salesforce integration consulting firm can bring you huge benefits for a small investment.

Here are 5 such amazing benefits you can get with Salesforce integration!

  1. Automate workflows

Since Salesforce can be integrated with a host of other systems, their workflows can be easily automated without additional code.

  1. Enhanced data access and reporting

You can access all kinds of data from the integrated systems. This data can provide meaningful information through reports and dashboards that will help you make better business decisions and take the best actions.

  1. Easy access to save time

Integration can make ‘all-in-one access’ a reality. Employees can stay logged into one system so they can easily perform their tasks or get what they need. Since they won’t have to ‘toggle’ between systems, they can save time, do their work more efficiently and be more productive.

  1. No duplication of data or human effort

Manual tasks involve human effort which can lead to mistakes. This requires additional time and effort to correct the mistakes. Salesforce integrated systems incorporate automated checks and balances for data accuracy right from the start. This ensures that every system has the same information, so employees don’t have to duplicate data, or worse – waste time on rework. They can then focus on more important tasks and get more done with their time.

  1. Improved communications – internal and external

By integrating Salesforce with other systems, different teams or departments will have access to more information at their fingertips. They can stop working in isolated silos and effectively sync their efforts for stronger synergies, more streamlined communications, and more relevant information-sharing. All of this will enable them to focus on their core responsibilities and spend more time on what matters most – serving customers.

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Should I hire a Salesforce integration consulting firm?

A consulting firm that offers Salesforce implementation services may also offer Salesforce integration services. SaaSnic Technologies is one such firm.

Integration projects are complex and your organization may not have the internal resources to carry them out. However, a Salesforce integration consulting firm like SaaSnic would have experience with different types of Salesforce setups. They would know the risks and challenges – both technical and business-related – and how to work around them to extract the greatest benefits out of the project. Equally important, the consultant can help you design a workable plan for the project and execute it within your organization’s constraints of time, scope, and budget.

Finally, the consultant will be able to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your preferred third-party apps and systems. With their support and Salesforce’s power, you will be able to create a potent, unified system that can strengthen your organization and prepare it for both future challenges and opportunities.

For close to a decade, SaaSnic Technologies has provided Salesforce implementation services and Salesforce integration services to clients all over the globe. If you have a Salesforce Development project you’d like to discuss, get in touch!

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