What are Profiles and Permission Sets in Salesforce ? | Object Level Security in Salesforce

Credits : Salesforce Hulk

In this video, Shrey have explained complete Object Level Security in Salesforce which includes:
1. What is the significance of defining Object-level security in Salesforce?
2. How to give a user or group of users access to read, create, edit or delete a record in an object in Salesforce?
3. What are the different ways to define object-level security in Salesforce?
4. What are profiles in Salesforce?
5. What are the different types of profiles?
6. Difference between Standard profiles and custom profiles in Salesforce?
7. How to create profiles and permission sets in Salesforce?
8. What all things you can control using Profiles and Permission Sets?
9. What are permission sets in Salesforce?
10. Difference between Profiles and Permission sets
I hope you enjoy the video and get better at securing data to the finest level in Salesforce.


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