SQL Row_Number - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Functions in 5 minutes

Credits : Cameron Robert

Cameron Robert shows how to use the Row Number (Over Partition By) SQL function in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The SQL Row Number function can be used in Marketing Cloud to segment your data so that it is more easy to reference in your emails using AMPscript. For example, creating lists of products or content recommendations to make your emails more dynamic.
The SQL Row Number function is also very useful for segmenting your subscriber engagement data (from the Sends, Opens and Clicks Data Views) to create Re-Engagement Journeys!

Key Moments:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • SQL Row_Number Documentation (0:14)
  • Example SQL Row_Number Code (0:37)
  • SQL Row_Number Code Demonstration (1:05)
  • Summary (2:43)


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