How To Build a Kanban View Using LWC without APEX | Real-Time Project in LWC | Salesforce

Credits : Salesforce Troop

In this project, you will learn 60% of the LWC. You gonna learn the following topics

1. How to create a lightning Page

2. How to create a component

3. How to create local properties

4. How to use getters

5. How to use @wire

6. How to use getObjectInfo, getPicklistValues , updateRecord, and getListUi wire adapters

7. How to apply Inline CSS

8. How to apply CSS using a CSS file

9. How to apply CSS dynamically

10. How to achieve components composition

11. How to pass data from parent to child

12. How to pass data from child to parent

13. How to Drag and to Drop functionality works

14. How to update Records without APEX

15. How to fetch records without APEX

16. How to show a toast message

17. How Navigation works

18 How to use Refresh the records automatically using refreshApex

19 Real-time debugging


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