Future of Salesforce Job Market | The Shrey Sharma Show

Credits : Salesforce Hulk

This is the very first episode of The Shrey Sharma Show with Christopher A Hopper. They discussed Salesforce. Below is a list of questions they discussed.

  • What’s your story behind becoming a Salesforce Recruiter or getting into the Salesforce industry?
  • What exactly is your job and what does a usual day in your job look like?
  • Thoughts on the job market in Salesforce right now.
  • What candidates are focusing on and what they should actually focus on
  • How the hiring is different in the USA than in India
  • A lot of people from India want to get a job in the USA. Is this something possible? If yes then how?
  • As a recruiter don’t you sometimes feel like becoming a Salesforce developer/consultant?
  • What made you go from being a CRM consultant to a Recruiter
  • Tell us the power of personal brand in the Salesforce job market
  • Tell us the funniest or a weird situation which you have faced
  • Where do you see the Salesforce ecosystem heading in the next 3-5 years? Are you optimistic about it or not?
  • What things will help a fresher get their first job
  • What is the 1 main reason why a person starts looking for a switch in the job? What companies should do to attract & retain talent?

Watch the Full Video to know more about Salesforce.


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