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    How many custom controllers can we have per Visualforce page in Salesforce?

    How many custom controllers can we have per VisualForce page?


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    Hi Deepak,

    We have three types of controllers that we use on Visualforce Page,

    1. Standard Controller : Standard controllers will have same logic and functionality used standard visualforce pages. No Apex code is required in Standard Controllers

    Syntax: <apex:page standardController=”Account”>

    2. Custom Controller : When a developer needs different logic and functionality he/she may write their own Apex controller class. Custom controller’s will not provide default functions like standard controllers.

    Syntax : <apex:page controller=”ClassName”>

    3. Extensions : If we want to use both custom controller functionality and standard controller functionality we use extension controllers. Extension Controllers begins with Standard controller and extended or overridden with custom controller with custom apex code.

    Syntax: <apex:page standardController=”Äccount” extensions=”ClassName, ClassName2″>

    Salesforce | Shweta Shweta #5

    We can have only one controller at a time either it may be Standard Controller or Custom Controller and multiple controller extensions. There is no limit on the number of extensions you can have on a VisualForce.


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