Salesforce Dreamforce: A History of Innovation

Salesforce is anything but your average technology company.

From its 1-1-1 philanthropic model to the scrappy startup culture, Salesforce defies traditional logic for how a company its size should operate. One of the most visible examples of how Salesforce differentiates itself from competitors is through its continued innovation.

While many companies are content to stick with the same business model year after year, Salesforce is constantly innovating, evolving, and growing to better support its users and partners. While the Salesforce team works tirelessly year-round, there is one week each year when all this hard work and innovation is showcased to the world: Dreamforce.

Over the past eleven years, Dreamforce has been the stage for all of Salesforce's major innovations. From the launch of the AppExchange in 2005 to the announcement of the Marketing Cloud in 2012, Dreamforce has a rich history of innovation.

We've created the infographic below to highlight some of Dreamforce's biggest moments and to set the stage for this year's big announcement! And if you are coming to the show, we can’t wait to share with you Project Wave — one of our biggest innovations to date, and an initiative we have been working on for two years.

Infographic Resource: Salesforce


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