10 MUST HAVE Qualities Your Salesforce Administrator Should Have

Does your organization have a Salesforce Admin? If you use Salesforce or are in the process of implementing it, the role of Salesforce Admin is crucial to making all the great benefits that Salesforce promises actually happen. This important member of your team is in charge of championing the entire implementation process, training your staff, and managing your Salesforce Org. In a nutshell, they are the force that drives your Salesforce success.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to filling this position:
-Hire an outside consultant who is a Certified Salesforce Admin.
-Promote someone within your organization to take on the role.

Either way, this person will be the force that drives Salesforce adoption and grows your platform. Be choosy. Not sure where to start? These 10 characteristics of a superstar Salesforce Admin are traits you’ll want in your admin.

This infographic is originally published on: https://blog.prialto.com/10-qualities-salesforce-administrator


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