When you accidentally remove System Administrator profile from the Community

When you accidentally remove System Administrator profile from the Salesforce Community

When you accidentally remove the profile from the community members then manage or workspaces link for your community will be missing, means you can't access or change your community's properties. As you remove your System Administrator profile from the community members then you can't get it back through salesforce UI and it is required to add your profile to the members of community to manage it, you need to find another way around which I am going to tell you in this blog.

How to add your profile back to the community? 

  • Create a .csv file which will be consisting of two columns - NETWORKID and PARENTID
  • ParentId is the Id of your profile, you can get it by going to your profile detail page and copy the Id from the URL.
  • Now for the NetworkId, go to All Communities page where you can see your all communities.
  • Right click on the community link for which you want to add the profile and select Inspect.
  • You can see the highlighted NetworkId in your console, copy this.
  • Now paste the Ids in your .csv file under the headings respectively.
  • Now open dataloader.io in the new tab(open this link- https://dataloader.io), dataloader.io is a web application which gives the functionality to insert, upsert and update etc records to your salesforce instance.
  • Click on Login with Salesforce button, which will open the pop up, select the checkbox if you have custom salesforce domain and enter your domain name - {!yourdomain}.my.salesforce.com.
  • Select the Salesforce Environment (Production or Sandbox).
  • Now click on Login button.
  • This will open a page where you can select the task which you want to perform in your salesforce. Click on New Task button which will open a dropdown menu then click Import.
  • Select  Network Member Group sobject under Object section and click Next.
  • Click on Upload to upload your csv file which you have created earlier.
  • Map the fields if it is not and click Next.
  • Click Save and Run button.
  • Now go to your salesforce All Communities page where you can now see the manage link for that community.

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