What are List Views in Salesforce?

What are List Views in Salesforce?

Hello everyone, In this blog, we will discuss about “List Views in Salesforce". Let's begin with what list views are. 

What are List Views?

In Salesforce list views are created to filter out records based on any field that we have access to, these are usually used to quickly segment lists of documents and allow us to action multiple records at the same time. 

We can create custom list views to do our tasks more efficiently. List views are ways of displaying small size of data that are instantly accessible for different objects.  

How to Create a Custom List View in Salesforce Classic?

To create a custom list view, follow the below steps: 

Let's take a look at this example we will create a list view for contacts. 

  1. Click on the Contacts tab and select “Create new View”. 
  2. Follow the below steps such as entering the view name, specifying filter Criteria, selecting fields to display, and restricting the visibility.
  3. Enter the name, view the unique name, and specify filter criteria.

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For example, here we will select filter by owner:  

Here we will select the filter by Owner: “All Contacts” and we can select Filter by Additional Fields to filter out records. 

Let’s take the filter as the ”Department” equals “Technology”. Now, we have to select “field to display”. Move fields to display from available to selected fields. 

This allows choosing up to 15 fields to display as columns. 

We can as well restrict the visibility to which user we want the records to display such as: - 

  • Visible only to me. 
  • Visible to all users. 
  • Visible to a certain group of users. 

And click to save. This is all about List Views in salesforce. 


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