Steps to Insert Quick Text In Salesforce

Steps to Insert Quick Text In Salesforce

Quick text is predefined messages, like greetings, answers to common questions, and short notes. One can insert quick text in the case feed publisher, emails, chats, and more. Available in Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

Inserting quick text require three steps which are define as follows:

  1. Turn on Quick Text. Following are the steps to enable quick text in your salesforce org:
    • Go to setup, enter Quick Text Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Quick Text Settings.
    • Click Enable Quick text.Remember once quick text is enabled it can’t be turn off.
    • Click save.
  2. Create a Quick Text Message. Following are the steps to create quick text message :
    • Go to Service from the App menu and Click the Quick Text tab.
    • Click New.
    • If you have more than one Quick Text record type, you need to select a record type for the new message and then click Continue.
    • Type a message name. Let’s name our quick text Return Policy.
    • Type the message. Let’s enter the message: “Thanks for inquiring about our return policy. You may return items for any reason within 60 days of purchase. You must show a receipt to receive cash back for the return. If you don’t have a receipt, we’ll issue you a merchandise credit.”
    • Your quick text messages can include line breaks, lists, and special characters and can be up to 4,096 characters.
    • You can use the Merge Field Selector to insert merge fields into the quick text message.
    • Select the channels in which you want the message to be available.
    • Click Save.
  3. Inserting Quick text .Let’s insert quick text in an email reply. Following are the steps to insert Quick text :
    • In the Service Console, open a case. Click the Feed tab to see the Case Feed.
    • Click Email to write a reply email to the customer.
    • Enter ;; in the email message field. Available quick text messages are shown.
    • Select the quick text message that you want to use.
    • Click Enter.The quick text appears in the email. You can add to it or send it off as is.
    • Click Send to send the email.
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