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Salesforce Ohana - Community and Culture

Salesforce builds a culture within its organization and also with its customers, partners, and employees that it calls Ohana. Salesforce builds its culture through the following best practices as listed below in the diagram.

The greatest competitive advantage that is sustained by the Salesforce is its culture that is known as Salesforce Ohana. In this post, we are going to discuss Ohana community of Salesforce and the latest traumatic news events processed by this community.

At Salesforce, the employees are called Ohana of Trailblazers that includes Salesforce customers, partners, communities, and employees. Ohana is a Hawaiian word that means a family that does not mean the only family of blood-relatives instead it includes people from anywhere that we choose to be our family members and in Salesforce and it may also include Salesforce stakeholders as well.

Salesforce Ohana follows below listed core values:

In Salesforce culture, each member is inspired by values where they celebrate customer success, innovation, trust, and equality. Salesforce expects these values to be incorporated by every member of the Salesforce Ohana family. Let's discuss each one by one:

1). Trust

Salesforce believes in maintaining trust with customers, employees and every other member of the Salesforce Ohana family. They earn this trust through security, transparency, compliance, performance, and privacy. Being a trusted advisor Salesforce delivers the most trusted infrastructure in the industry. Through following practices, Salesforce maintains the trust among its employees through the following practices:

  • Information on system security and performance is updated in real time through
  • Teach employees to learn the ways to keep the applications secure
  • Salesforce train its employees to provide security awareness

2). Success of Customers

Salesforce helps its customers in achieving extraordinary milestones as they believe that customer success is the success of Salesforce. Within Salesforce the employees are continuously motivated for success, growth and development. For the year 2018 Salesforce is following below listed measures to provide a success platform:

  • Across 25 countries Salesforce has around 30,000 global employees that are serving more than 150,000 customers from all industries and of all sizes.
  • The company is ranked 326 of Fortune top 500 companies
  • Salesforce is earning more than $10 billion faster than any other software company in history.

3). Innovative Platform

Salesforce employees are meant to work differently and so they deliver 3 innovative releases every year. Through latest development and technical advancements, customers get an innovative platform that has all the latest technology. Following policies are followed by the Salesforce:

  • Salesforce considers and takes the customer’s feedback and as per their valuable suggestions update its products
  • Workplace communities and leadership teams are created by Salesforce to better understand customer needs to deliver a quality product.

4). Equality

Salesforce tries to provide a culture through that it can deliver a creative platform in which diverse platforms can be included. Though Salesforce has progressed on some fronts, still it believes that a meaningful change can be brought to the platform by providing equal workplace to all customers and employees. It inculcates equality among its community through following practices:

  • By encouraging everyone in Ohana community for equality cultivation
  • Conduct researches to show business values of Equality
  • Being transparent about equality

Salesforce Ohana is a support system that is nurtured within the organization and it does not stop at the employees, instead, it is extended to partners, customers and community members that is also called the home of Salesforce users. In this collaboration, not only work is shared even there is space for fun, happiness, events, and many other places.

Salesforce Behaviors

Salesforce Ohana members have integrity, alignment, transparency, accountability with that it builds a relationship and all of this is delivered as listed below:

1). Integrity

Number one rule that is followed to maintain proper behavior is integrity and is followed in accordance with the code of conduct within and outside the Salesforce Organization.

2). Accountability

Proper reporting and analysis are being done regularly to maintain accountability. The regular analysis is being done for Product Mix and business reviews are checked quarterly. The Company improves through learning.

3). Transparency

Ohana community members are empowered to voice ideas and through it, they bring changes to the policies and product. Internally transparency is maintained by Chatters and externally Trailblazers are used by users to participate in conversations.

Final Words:

Salesforce Ohana community not only provides a platform for communication even the participants also share the opinions and organize many events for the product improvement. For this apart from above-listed practices Salesforce also follow some strategies like providing a collaborative workspace, providing donations and many other practices.

In Ohana, every Trailblazer tries to inspire each other. A trusted relationship is built through Ohana community. The Company is gaining competitive advantages through this and building customer satisfaction as well.

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