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Salesforce Data Mask | Secure your Sandbox with Impenetrable Security

Salesforce sandbox is where the developers spend most of their lifetime. With all the development and testing taking place here, Salesforce sandbox is always a bustle of activity. Without sufficient data protection, datasets in the sandbox are vulnerable to security threats and can cause data governance issues. So, it is very important that we ensure that our sandbox is secure, and this is where Salesforce Data Mask fits the bill. Apart from the hazard of a security breach, not securing your Sandbox can also be considered federal noncompliance. Many government bodies have launched acts like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which compels firms to implement the data mask to their Sandbox.

A quick introduction to Salesforce Data Mask and its abilities 

Salesforce Data Mask is a powerful data obfuscation tool that helps you hide the intricate data values, not by encryption, but by obscuring the Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It is a highly valuable tool that assists in the product development phase by securing the internal data while sandboxing. Data masking should be undertaken in organizations with strict bounded guidelines of Test Management Practice and a trusted methodology to avoid any loophole in the whole process.

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The product development phase comprises running various penetration tests in the sandbox that ultimately ends up compromising the security setting of the organization. A skillfully implemented Salesforce Data Mask can tackle this situation in three different ways, without bringing the data out of your Salesforce CRM limits.

1. Anonymization – Just as the term suggests, this method helps in securing the data files by replacing them with a mad scramble of alphabets and characters. This helps the user to hide the identity of a data file and its value. For Example, James becomes $(87@yu.

2. Pseudonymization- This is also an effective way of dealing with active security threats. Unlike anonymizationit doesn’t mask the data file’s identity with an unintelligible set of characters but hides its value by giving it totally irrelevant, random, but a meaningful word. For Example, Lara becomes Pablo.

3. Deletion- Lastly, as simple as it sounds, the deletion method is used to erase the values and convert the files into empty data sets.

The nondeterministic obfuscation methodologies of the Salesforce Data Mask are undoubtedly foolproof and are immune to the impact of any reverse-engineered or statistically calculated hacking solution.

The Worldly benefits of implementing Salesforce Data Mask to your Sandbox: 

Lawfully Compliant – The government has implied different standards for the data security of different industries. Passing these regulatory compliances like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become sandbox guarded by a valid tool like Data Mask provides credibility and helps elevate your organizational integrity and customer satisfaction.

A layer of protection – According to a study, 30% of the data breaches are caused internally due to human errors caused by employees. Although developers, admins, and testers continuously require test data to carry forward their work, there is no requirement of any kind of live data. Therefore, securing your live data is necessary for not becoming a victim of another data leak, and the Salesforce Data mask will help you accomplish that.

Outer Interference – Running an organization often requires transacting data with other consultants, service providers, or clients. These Data Exchanges are always a potential source of threat for an organization. Salesforce Data Mask protects your data from any external inclusion and will help to blockade any live information from passing onto a vendor or third party.

Better than Encryption – Salesforce Data Mask doesn’t carry out its function by means of encryption, as encrypted data can be decrypted by simply reverse-engineering. Nevertheless, in the case of Salesforce Data Mask, it utilizes the method of replacing, adding suffix or prefix, or even shuffling the dataset.

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Securing your business process with the protection of Salesforce Data Mask

Salesforce Data Mask secure is a highly anticipated and yet simple tool of the Salesforce family and is available for a minimal extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Salesforce editions. With no loopholes or ways to track and identify the data from any unethical means, Salesforce Data Mask is certainly a great choice for organizations to start protecting Sandbox and its data.

Reference: Demandblue

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