Make your Salesforce life easy with Salesforce advanced code searcher and ORGanizer for Salesforce

Make your Salesforce life easy with Salesforce advanced code searcher and ORGanizer for Salesforce

Salesforce advanced code searcher and ORGanizer for Salesforce, both are google chrome’s extensions which adds an extra features to your salesforce org.

Salesforce advanced code searcher – Using this extension you can easily and quickly access and download the code.

  • Apex Classes
  • Apex Triggers
  • Visualforce pages and Components
  • Custom Objects
  • Email Templates
  • Static Resources
  • Workflow rules and Validation rules

You will find more interesting features when you install in your system.

Steps to install Salesforce advance code searcher on your Chrome:-

  • Open your chrome and click vertical hamburger button on right top of the window.
  • Go to My tools and then click on Extension in the side menu.
  • This will open installed extensions list page, click on Menu button on the top left of window beside Extensions heading.
  • Side bar will be visible, click on Open Chrome Web Store link.
  • Now search for Salesforce advanced code searcher in search box and click enter.
  • Add the first extension in the list as shown by clicking Add to Chrome button.
  • After installing, it will be visible in the Extension section right side of the URL.
  • Now open your org to see the magic.

ORGanizer for Salesforce – Lot of developers work on multiple projects and these projects have multiple salesforce orgs, it is impossible for normal human being to remember all the login credentials so he/she need to save it somewhere and ORGanizer for Salesforce helps you with that.

You can login through button click and it provides multiple links/buttons for different features:-

  • Open in new tab
  • Open Developer Console
  • Open in New Window
  • Open in Incognito mode
  • Copy login link on clipboard
  • Copy password and token on clipboard

Steps for installing ORGanizer for Salesforce is similar as Salesforce advanced code searcher.


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