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Lead Assignment to the User in a Round Robin fashion | Salesforce Tutorial

Balance your team's workload by automatically assigning new leads to each user. 

A round-robin assignment means that all new leads will be assigned the same amount and each new lead will be assigned to a different user until the cycle is repeated. 

For example, if you have 3 users:  

lead 1 is assigned to user 1. 

Lead 2 is assigned to user 2.

Lead 3 is assigned to user 3 and the cycle repeats.

Lead 4 is assigned to user 1.

Lead 5 is assigned to user 2.

Lead 6 is assigned to user 3 and the cycle repeats. 

Create a Lead Order field to Give each new Lead a Unique Id  

  1. Launch Setup. 
  2.  Open Object Manager by searching for it.  
  3. Lead by clicking. 
  4. Fields & Relationships should be selected. 
  5. Select New. 
  6. Click Next after selecting an Auto number. 
  7. Give your field the name Lead Number. 
  8. Enter 0 in Display Format. 
  9. Enter 1 in the Starting Format field. 
  10. Set this field as the unique record identification from an external system by checking the box and clicking Next. 
  11. Give the appropriate person's user permission, then click Next.
  12. Click Save & New after unchecking all of the Page Layout boxes.

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Create a Round Robin Formula field that instructs the system to assign each new lead to the next user in the order in which they were received 

  1. Click Next after selecting Formula. 
  2. Give your field a name. Round Robin Formula, for example.
  3. Pick a number.
  4. Select 0 from the Decimal Places dropdown and click Next.
  5. Choose the Advanced Formula option.
  6. Paste the following formula into the Test (Number) =field: MOD(VALUE(!Lead_Order__c),2) +1. There are two points to keep in mind: 1) The name of the field you defined in the previous step is retrieved by the term Lead Order. Make sure to change the name in the formula if you changed it. 2) Replace 2 with the number of users you wish to rotate in your round-robin formula.

  1. Select Next.
  2. Give the appropriate person's user permission and then click Next.
  3. Click Save after unchecking all of the Page Layout boxes.

 To ensure that leads are distributed evenly among users, create a Lead Assignment Rule 

  1. Look for Lead Assignment Rules in Setup and open it.  
  2. Select New. 
  3. Save your rule with the name Round Robin Lead Assignment Rule. 
  4. To open the Round Robin Lead Assignment Rule, click this.  
  5. Click New in the Rule Entries section.  
  6. Enter 1 in the Sort Order field.  
  7. Choose Round Robin Formula in the Field dropdown, equals in the Operator dropdown, and 1 in the Value field to create the rule criteria.  
  8. Choose the user to whom this rule applies.  
  9. Select an email template to notify the user that the rule has been allocated to them as an option. 
  10. Steps 5 through 9 should be repeated for each user in your round-robin rotation. Assign a number to each user in your org. Change the sort order every time you add a user to the round-robin rotation, and the round-robin equals the user's number.

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Allow Round Robin Lead Assignment for Leads that were manually created 

  1. Click Object Manager, in Setup.   
  2. Click on Lead.   
  3. Then select Page Layouts. Now 
  4. Now Open the Lead Layout 
  5. Layout Properties will appear, Click on this  
  6. Check the box next to Lead Assignment Checkbox to Show on Edit Page, then click Okay. 
  7. Save your modifications. 


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