Introducing ForceLeaderBoard API

Introducing Trailhead ForceLeaderBoard API

Great power comes with great responsibility!!!


Now its time to take your trailhead and certificate data to your platform. Just a simple API call and you will be with your trailhead data.

How does it work?

You make a call and get the JSON response. Now convert this response to your app, pages, and blogs.

Get your Trailblazer ID:

Go to the Join Board and Sign in/Sign up. You will see Trailblazer ID here.

API Explorer:

Navigate to the APIs tab on Force Leader Board.

ForceLeaderBoard API


Trailblazer Profile API Call:

  • Description: You will get trailblazer profile data using this call with your unique Trailblazer ID.
  • Method: GET
  • Response Type: JSON

Sample Call:



{ "Twitter": "", "Trailhead_URL": "", "TrailblazerID": "YOUR_TRAILBLAZER_ID", "Title": "Senior Salesforce Developer", "Rank": "mountaineer", "Profile_Image": "", "Points": 33925, "Name": "Vishnu Kumar", "Linkedin": "", "Facebook": "", "Certifications": 2, "Certification_URL": "", "Badges": 33 }


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