Improve Patient Experience with Salesforce Health Cloud

Patients are conserved and sensitive towards what kind of healthcare services they experience. When the systems of healthcare face issues like documentation, customized health plans, and assigning responsibilities within a massive network, the need for a better and more accurate solution comes into the picture.

Post pandemic services related to virtual patient care will play a dominant force in the healthcare industrySalesforce health cloud consultant guides healthcare organizations to integrate Salesforce by creating an action plan and acting on it, better known as the Salesforce implementation roadmap that sets the digital transformation to be seamless!

In the healthcare sector, hospitals are continuously trying to streamline activities like doctor visits, follow-up reminders, tracking of patients’ medical progress, and customization of medical routines. Studies explain 89% of patients of age 55 and more said they need to deal with their healthcare and will require technology admittance. Whereas, 35% of those senior patients felt their health plans don’t satisfactorily use health technology.

Virtual patient care understands the pain points of healthcare and hence, Salesforce for healthcare developed a customer relationship platform that primarily revolves around the functions of the Salesforce health cloud.

Here Salesforce healthcare cloud comes into the picture to provide a platform for integration of various tools offered by the Salesforce health CRM. The healthcare CRM features like electronic health records (EHR), payer administrative systems, data warehouses, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other legacy systems are the ecosystems that perfectly integrate with the existing architecture.

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How Salesforce Health Cloud Improves Patient Experience

The following use cases illustrate how the healthcare cloud can improve your patients’ experience:

Increase Patient Engagement Through Self-service

The Salesforce customer community opens a gateway to create the perfect integration between a patient's security and their need to understand their progress. It provides a channel for patients to log in to their accounts securely which allows them to view their clinical records in real-time as well as their health profiles.

Health cloud has a rich API structure and back-end EHR systems integration structure that allows a variety of facilities to patients like,

  • Receiving current care plans
  • Accessing test results
  • Updating personal information in forms
  • Communicating through messages with providers

Along with these features, the Salesforce knowledge integration can provide additional features like serving articles about preventive care; healthy living, and personalized topics that help patients achieve total recovery.

All in all, virtual patient care creates a fantastic customer experience for patients by eliminating mundane tasks like,

  • Form filling on every visit
  • Having more transparency with the provider
  • Being in charge of their health more closely

Improve Access to Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Appointment Booking & Scheduling are the major issues faced by patients in their tracking schedules.

Through AppExchange solutions, patients have access to view the provider's schedule and book an appointment based on their availability. This kind of transparency not only provides flexibility to the patients but also allows them to be smarter about their schedules with the provider.

Therefore, scheduling created by powerful tools for Salesforce in healthcare organizations provides an organized manner through the Salesforce healthcare cloud for activities like,

  • Appointments
  • Check-ups
  • Rescheduling options

Making the scheduling process personalized and informative could make a great initial impression on patients. These procedures put on automation increase the convenience level for patients as well as the providers.

Salesforce partners also take extra precautions to bring out the best by providing digital transformation services that add that extra layer to customer experience.

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Seamless Payment Experience

Tracking of every small or major expense related to healthcare becomes tedious when multiple visits, medications, scans, etc. come into the picture.

To provide a platform where every expense is tracked and recorded for a better understanding of the financial structure of any clinical procedure, the Salesforce customer community, and health cloud have provided facilities to easily access current transactions along with the amount of financial obligation according to the patient's respective health plan coverage.

AppExchange solutions allow patients to choose their preferred mode of payment as well as be assured of securely creating their payment profiles. These solutions facilitate payments for services like doctor’s visits, procedures, and other associated services.


Customized healthcare cloud solutions create a specific network of tools and software offered by Salesforce health cloud that provides customized functionality.

Doctors of healthcare organizations that deal with the particular or have services that cater to a niche audience require custom-made solutions.

Bolt Today Assistance for Salesforce Health Cloud Integration

Custom-made health cloud solutions take care of this section and allow organizations to integrate only those tools that align with their goals related to the patient's experience. The role of a Salesforce development partner is of utmost importance as an in-depth understanding of services extended by the provider and the nature of target patients need to be studied.

With Bolt Today, you also say yes to the best Salesforce health cloud experts that not only guide you through the whole process but create a plan that leads to progress. Years of experience and satisfied customers make us a preferred choice that is perfectly suited for meeting the requirements of Salesforce health cloud providers.


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