Implemented All In One Donation Management System Using Salesforce

The Challenges

The client was using a legacy system for all its donation related data entries, while leveraging a suite of vendors to enable their staff to execute their mission. The requirement was to not only replace the current database application, but to strategically analyze their entire business process. However, their major day-to-day technology challenges were related to:

  • Large data volume of around 450 million records
  • Outdated systems
  • Manual processes
  • Decentralized data with poor data synchronization and exchange
  • Disconnected data mining


The Solution

Bearing in mind the quantity of data, OSSCube provided a hybrid approach where only their important data such as constituents, donations and campaigns were kept in Salesforce while rest of the data was kept on an external system. OSSCube created an integrated solution for both their online and offline donation so their entire life cycle of registration and donation could be managed in Salesforce. Highlights of the solution are:

  • High volumes of donations data could be handled efficiently
  • Enabled tracking data on individual donors and constituents
  • Automated donor management
  • Streamlined process of reporting
  • Better data synchronization
  • Improved data mining

The Result

We implemented an all-in-one donor management solution using Salesforce, where we integrated and organized client’s internal departments like program management, fundraising, events, volunteers, mass communication, reporting, and other operations.We improved their donation tracking, which made it easy to track their member base, view trends, automate communication to make donor outreach more efficient, timely, and targeted. The system allowed the clients to effortlessly record and report operations, generate desired reports based on any criteria defined or on centralized data set. The new system served as an official record of client communication with constituents, and made them accessible to all stakeholders. Less time was spent on importing and exporting data from one software to another or on removing duplicate data.

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