How to work with Salesforce1 Navigation Menu

How to work with Salesforce1 Navigation Menu?

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Everyone knows what is Salesforce1? But if you don’t know then I will define for you. Salesforce1 is a mobile app for Android, iOS and mobile browser. It is designed on Aura Framework, similar to Salesforce Lightning Experience. In short, Salesforce1 is a group of activities that allow us to manage our salesforce org on a mobile device.

Navigation Menu of Salesforce1- It is navigation bar by we can access different standard objects or custom objects, visualforce page, Lightning component, and Lightning Page.

Let see how we can customize the Navigation bar -

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  1. Menu Items: Items which you Placed above the “Smart Search Items”.
  2. Smart Search Items: Here you see the recently accessed objects. You can also customize Smart Search Item. I will explain to you later in this blog.
  3. Apps Section: Items which we place below the “Smart Search items"Let’s talk about what is exactly “Smart Search Items” is?

Smart Search Items used to add standard and custom objects in Recent section in the menu. It also adds recently accessed objects that the user accessed and also add more items so that user can access all the objects which he/she has permission to access, according to the profile. The user can also pin the object in the Recent section.

Let’s customize the navigation bar first, -

  1. Go to under Setup and Search “Salesforce Navigation”. After that move, the required items from Available to Selected and also placed the “Smart Search Items” in the selected section.
  2. Click on Save and Done.

Now go to the mobile app and see your changes.


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