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How to Use Workbench in Salesforce | Developer Guide

Workbench can be a web-based tool that helps administrators and developers to act with Salesforce for information Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, and Export. It in addition supports the Undelete Program, Deploy, Retrieve, Rest human and Apex Execute actions too. Bench is a complicated tool that's designed to exploit JavaScript and PHP, wherever it supports over five million records for information manipulation!

For any data manipulation in the sales force, we know about the loader. To update one or 2 records exploit data loaders, we must export the CSV file, edit and load the above file. However, in the case of the bench, we are able to update the record; We only need fifteen digits of the record UNCI and update the fields as needed. This can be one in all the simplest practicalities of a workbench compared to a Dataloader.

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Data Management one amongst Workbench’s best utility is termed smart operation, which helps you in replacement the VLOOKUP alternative in standout. A smart operation is utilized simply just in case Insert, Update, Upsert or Delete operate and it's not obligatory, it'll assist you to supply normal id operation field price with Salesforce Ids mechanically. to Illustrate, if you have got got a CSV file for Case object to update existing records with entirely totally different Case house owners, as regular observe we'd extract the present Case records including as we have a tendency toll as together with the Case Owner field then we update the Case Owner field with new Users as per demand. but on the exploitation bench, we are able to update Case house owners info directly once API will do it by trying up the Case Owner ID by using good lookup operate. To urge these advantages, 1st we've modified good operation features in settings.

To modify good operation, here are the screenshots which will facilitate you:

Workbench is such an exquisite internet tool that will make Salesforce admin life easy and simple by replacing the information Loader tool. In Salesforce, to extract information regarding Users with the Roles, Profiles and additionally, the Permission sets are straightforward. but to extract information for the Users who are allotted to Permission sets isn't attainable with a data loader. However, this demand is often consummated by the exploitation bench. I will be able to make a case for however we are able to do this.

  1. Login to bench with Production or Sandbox environment
  2. Then move to the ‘Queries’ menu within the prime as shown in the following screenshot,
    • Select SOQL question choice, then choose object name within the choice Jump to with “PermissionSetAssignment”



    • Select the specified field for the listed things and consider the option ought to “Bulk CSV” rather than “List” in order that you'll export the information in CSV format. Click on the “Query” button as mentioned within the screenshot below. there'll be AN output of the PermissionSets allotted to Users within the Salesforce.

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Advantages of workbench whereas exploitation with Salesforce platform:

  • In the browser, it's straightforward to scan a table thanks to the simplified result info.
  • It is simple to create a SOQl question quickly.
  • It is simple to create a SOSL performance.


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