Import multiple images into Salesforce Document folder

How to Import multiple images into Salesforce Document folder?

Hello Everyone,

Many times we need to import multiple images that are been available into our laptops to the Salesforce org. Yes, I do agree the first thing in mind comes that it might been possible either by the Data Loader or Import Wizard or any import/export tool we are using with Salesforce like Informatica etc but the question comes, How?

So, here we choose data loader and make it possible to perform this task by following steps:

  • Have a separate folder in your laptop that carries all images you want to import into Salesforce.
  • Login to your Salesforce org.
  • Go to Documents tab and create new folder by any name. Here I am going to take name of folder "Data Loader Demo" as shown in below image.

Document Folder
  • Copy the folder Id from the URL once folder created eg, my folderId is 00l0I000001mZqU.

Document Folder URL
  • Now, prepare an excel sheet with columns (Name, FolderId, Externally Available Image, Body, Document Unique Name,Type).
  • Populate the excel sheet as below instructions.


Name Fill by any names you want to give to your images.
FolderId Fill it by the folderId we copied in previous step.
Externally Available Image Give '1' if you want that image should be available externally.
Body It's actually a URL where images exists into PC, for which choose all images in folder by Ctrl+A then while pressing Shift button right click from mouse choose "Copy as path" and save here.
Document Unique Name It would be any as per your choice.
Type It would be the type of image either .jpg or .png etc (here I am choosing .jpg).



excel sheet


  • Save the file as .csv format.
  • Go to dataloader and do Login with Salesforce.
  • Choose relevant Environment, for Developer edition choose Production.
  • Choose "New Task" -> import -> Choose Relevant Operation -> Choose "Document" as object.

select doc object DL
  • Upload the .csv file which saved earlier.
  • Map the columns of .csv file by the fields of document object.

right image
  • Click Next and then Save & Run.

Org Success

Reference Video of Clean and Prepare Data Using Excel

Happy to have task done successfully!!!!

Happy Salesforce!!





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