How to add Visualforce Web tabs in Salesforce1 mobile

How to add Visualforce Web tabs in Salesforce1 mobile?

We all know that the Web tab is not working inside the Salesforce1 Mobile Navigation Bar. Therefore, we need to create a Visualforce page. I will explain you step by step that how we can create a Visualforce page which shows web page inside the Salesforce1

Steps for creating Mobile supported Visualforce Page-

Step 1- Go to Setup-> Build-> Develop-> Visualforce Pages.

Step 2- Click on New Button

Step 3- Enter the following code-

<apex:page showHeader="false">
    <apex:iframe src="" frameborder="false" height="750px" scrolling="true"/>

Note - You can enter your choice of URL

Step 4-  Enter the Name and Label for the page i.e. Facebook_Page

Step 5- Checked the Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app and Save it.

Step 6- Create a Visualforce Tab. Go to Setup-> Build-> Create -> Tabs and Click on New in Visualforce Tab Section. Select Facebook_Page from Visualforce Pages and give Tab Name and Tab Label i.e. Facebook and Choose any Tab Style icon and Click Next, Next and Save.

Step 7- Let’s add the Visualforce Tab to the Salesforce1 App Navigation Menu. Go to Setup-> Mobile Administration-> Salesforce Navigation. From the Available list to move Facebook from the Selected list and Save it.

Step 8- Go to the Salesforce1 Mobile App and see your Output.


Happy Reading.

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