Enhance Your Cloud Security With Salesforce Shield

Ever since Cloud came into play, Data security is the buzzword that reverberates all over the corporate world. It has been proven time and again that data security in Cloud is much sharper and advanced when compared to the pre-Cloud scenario. The main reason is that Cloud service providers have huge budgets and highly skilled resources at their disposal to constantly improve and evolve the security process. To reinforce this fact, Salesforce has introduced ‘Salesforce Shield,’ a premium set of integrated services natively built on the Salesforce1 Platform to enhance protection, monitoring, and retention of critical Salesforce data. The three core services – Event Monitoring, Field audit trail, and Platform Encryption work together to assure an added layer of security to the data.

To better understand how the Salesforce shield enhances protection, let us take a closer look at these three core services and check how these can help us establish governance and enforce compliance policies in our organization.

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Event Monitoring to check performance and usage data

With Event Monitoring, you have clear visibility on “who” accesses your critical business data, “when” did they access, and from “where” did they do it. Each interaction is tracked via APIs and detailed insight is gathered to analyze trends and identify bottlenecks.

Event monitoring comes with the Event Monitoring Analytics app, a visualization tool for your log data. Salesforce event monitoring stores the information gathered by the event logs in an API object called EventLogFile. Using analytics, you can visualize the data to identify trends and make decisions based on how the information is used. With Salesforce’s event monitoring and its machine learning capabilities, you can easily identify anomalies. In addition, Salesforce will send the administrator an email whenever an oddity is detected.

Field Audit Trail to know the state and value of your data

Be it regulatory compliance or internal governance, Field Audit Trail lets you know the status and value of your data any time. Also, it can set triggers when data is deleted. With a big data backend, Field Audit Trail can help companies create a forensic data-level audit trail and significant operational insights into their business. Field Audit Trail can track changes to your sensitive data going back for up to 10 years.

Platform Encryption to meet compliance policies

When we store data that is sensitive or proprietary, we need to make sure that the confidentiality of that data meets both external and internal data compliance policy criteria. Platform Encryption allows you to natively encrypt your most sensitive data at rest across all your Salesforce apps. The Salesforce Shield’s Platform Encryption is designed to enable you to retain critical app functionality so that you can maintain full control over encryption keys and protect sensitive data from unauthorized users.

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DemandBlue and Salesforce Shield

So, if you are using Salesforce and you feel that your data deserves additional protection, you can always invest on Salesforce Shield.  If you have any queries related to Salesforce or specifically Salesforce Shield, please get in touch with us. DemandBlue is a dedicated Salesforce consulting partner delivering On Demand services (ODS) for Salesforce. We provide expert Salesforce consulting services across all Salesforce products. To learn more about DemandBlue and our On Demand services model, Schedule a call today!!

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