Salesforce Vaccine Cloud: Streamline Vaccine Management

Things are changing now - after one full year. COVID-19 cases have gone down, people are out again (with safety precautions though), and the new normal is well-accepted. On top of all this, various countries have already started vaccination programs to administer various vaccines by global vaccine manufacturers.

With a view to helping governments, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits across the globe, Salesforce has launched Vaccine Cloud. A number of public health authorities, healthcare providers, and nonprofits are already using Salesforce Vaccine Cloud.


This Vaccine Cloud by Salesforce for nonprofits, public and private healthcare providers helps them scale vaccine operations fast. Right from recipient registration to scheduling or inventory management, it helps manage things effectively.

Vaccine Cloud by Salesforce for Nonprofits: Features & Benefits

The Vaccine Cloud provides a comprehensive view of the population's health status and current inventory levels from a single dashboard. This 360-degree view of vaccine management helps take data-driven decisions and respond faster to vaccine needs.

Following are its features that can help mobilize and manage vaccine administration programs better.

  • Vaccine Inventory Management

With vaccine inventory management, vaccination program organizers can keep track of the availability of vaccine doses, syringes, and PPE stock levels. It can help them maintain adequate vaccine doses and continuous supply of other equipment.

This can also help forecast demand accurately. It helps reduce waste and divert surplus supplies in an area and limit supplies in any other area.

  • Vaccination Appointment Scheduling

Vaccinating a large number of people in a short span of time can be cumbersome. Vaccination Appointment Scheduling helps organizations manage vaccine administration to the public seamlessly. It provides centralized scheduling capabilities to ease the process of vaccine distribution.

It helps organizations ensure that the vaccine type and protocol history are available as required. It can help clinicians perform health assessments, accept digital consent, and determine recipients' eligibility for vaccination.

This way, they can schedule and prioritize vaccination appointments for optimum use of vaccines. They can also enable contactless visits and self-service or on-demand appointment scheduling.

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  • Clinical Vaccine Administration

It helps capture vaccine delivery information accurately and prepare for vaccine administration. It helps ensure proper training of medical professionals on vaccine administration before vaccine delivery. Support for pre-arrival screenings can also help prevent on-site issues and obstacles in vaccine administration.

Besides, artificial intelligence and data analysis tools enable agencies to assess readiness and manage community health. Administration agencies can also maintain a log of vaccine administration, analyze vaccine results, and monitor them community-wide.

  • Vaccination Outcome Monitoring

With easy data capture, organizations can analyze and monitor the outcomes of vaccination efficiently. They can survey people and understand the health outcomes. They can also quickly follow up in case of a community health concern or side-effect arising from vaccination. People can also report their health outcomes on their own via a variety of digital channels and surveys.

It helps plan a vaccination administration strategy and estimate the success rate of a vaccine. Organizations can respond to any widespread community health concern owing to vaccination, faster.

  • Public Health Notifications

Notifying the public manually for everything can't be feasible. Public health notifications can help public health officials notify the community of any update easily. This can help them execute the education and outreach campaigns in a better way.

Automating notifications like second dose reminders, to-dos before vaccination, precautions, etc. can also reduce staff burden. Notifications can also alert site managers about when to re-stock based on the scheduled appointments.

  • Digital Health Credentials

Vaccine Cloud also helps integrate, create, and verify health credentials online for proof of vaccination. By managing cases and inquiries about health credential records, organizations can smoothen their administration workflow.

How Can Our Salesforce for Nonprofits Portal Help?

Our Salesforce for Nonprofits is a next-gen portal that can help you streamline all your vaccine management aspects.

  • Single Dashboard View

    You can get a holistic view of vaccines inventory, dosage details on a community level, equipment, community-wide health concerns (if any), appointments, etc. This single-screen view of all the vaccination management aspects and entities can help increase efficiency and give you a better idea of the vaccine drive's success.

  • Secure Access

    With our Salesforce for Nonprofit portal, healthcare organizations can let potential vaccine recipients track their vaccination appointment status. They can also upload digital proofs to generate credentials and confirm eligibility for the vaccine by themselves easily. They can self-report any adverse side-effects they face after vaccine administration.

    Secure login to the portal to fetch the required information eliminates redundant communication and manual errors.

  • Profile Management

    As a healthcare organization's admin, you can manage all the recipients' profiles without any hassle. You can verify their credentials, screen their health condition before arrival, and update their profiles prior to vaccination. You can also track your recipients and analyze the health concerns they face after vaccination.

Accordingly, you can plan future vaccine administration workflow and strategy. If you want to get a portal to manage vaccine administration, we can help you out.

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Over to You

Vaccination is already going on in several countries around the world. However, there is still a major challenge of managing large-scale vaccination programs and scaling them efficiently.

Vaccination Cloud by Salesforce for nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and governments is a good initiative. With consolidated data for all the aspects of vaccine management programs, it can help public and healthcare organizations both.

If you are also a healthcare provider or a nonprofit organization, CRMJetty can help you build an advanced vaccination portal. Our Salesforce certified professionals will gather your requirements, make the necessary customizations in our portal, test it for limitations, and deliver you a tailor-made portal.

With the 14 years of experience in portal development we have, you can stay assured of the best services.


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