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Digitization is booming in every industry, big or small, after the COVID-19 hit. As companies and organizations are working remotely, this entails signing off the contracts, cheques, and documents virtually. E-Signature came to everyone’s rescue in these trying times. The fastest and most efficient way to close a deal virtually was never so easy. However, it is perceived that going digital is an expensive and gruesome process.

It is not vital to spend a fortune on automation. With very little money, you can save 10 minutes or more on your company's most time-consuming tasks. Salesforce introduced an economical method for capturing electronic signatures. You can get e-signatures on release forms, petitions, waivers, and other simple forms that require important data components and a Simple Signature. It is as simple as it sounds!

Recently we have supported, Paws Department associated with the San Diego Humane Society with Duplication, Incompetence, and efficiency issues. PAWS offers assistance to clients who keep their pets at home to help them care for them better. Due to the high cost of medical insurance, PAWS approves vouchers for each of their clients to be able to take their pets to the nearest veterinarian for a set amount of money. The voucher may be authorized or declined depending on the cause for the visit and the amount requested. It is critical for their procedures to capture signatures. PAWS also includes Voucher Numbers that are generated automatically.

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Our main objective was to help them disengage from paper-intensive operations and adapt automation to save time for your company's benefit. From a total of 10 minutes to process each voucher, it takes only 2 minutes after the automation. The volunteer's phone contact with the in-home client continues to hog the uptime.

The problem was solved by incorporating the Salesforce Appexchange App, Simple Signature. It is a low-cost Appexchange program compared to others in this field, generates a pdf after the b, attaches it to the desired object, records the information in question, and emailing the pdf.

The volunteer receives calls from in-home customers (Interface report kind), fills out all the necessary information, and submits a New Voucher for approval. The approver signs the voucher with an e-signature, which is then transmitted to Finance and the Veterinarian. A copy of the e-signature is kept on the Voucher, a voucher number is generated, copies are emailed to the persons who requested them, and the vouchers are stored in Salesforce. As a result, there are two levels of signatures: the volunteer who seeks the voucher and the Approvers.

Automation Process

  • Audit log

  • 3 copies of each voucher were printed, all signed and submitted to finance, kept in the PAWS department, and sent to a veterinarian

  • Copy uploaded to a shared drive

  • Automatically update voucher information

This process has saved a lot of time for San Diego Humane. The voucher generation process is now error-free and hassle-free for the team.

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