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Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Retail Business

Marketing Cloud is the marketing platform of Salesforce and enables the brand to interact with its existing and potential customers across all channels, emails, social, mobile, and web. It offers to streamline your marketing business and that improves efficiency through effective communication with the clients. 

Choose Marketing Cloud as a product for your business when you want to create a scalable business and reach out to the customers in a more personalized way. 

Moreover, Marketing Cloud helps in building relationships for loyalty, trust, increasing lifetime customer value so that the customers invest behind your products and services. Furthermore, it enables you to connect to the customers through emails, mobiles, social, advertising, and web - all in a single place. 

Finally, use the power of automation and Einstein Analytics with Artificial technology for creating a detailed roadmap of your customer journey. A marketing solution like this integrated well with other CRM, Workfront, and Sales Cloud, offering insights on customer relations.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is easy-to-use and helps to increase the conversion rates of your retail business by collecting data and delivering personalized, engaging marketing content. Predictive Analytics software in marketing helps in driving successful marketing campaigns, removing the guesswork of your marketing strategy, and enabling you to respond dynamically to customer behavior. 

In this post, we will throw insights on how Marketing Cloud can help your business. However, first, we must understand what predictive marketing is all about. 

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What is Predictive Marketing?

Predictive Marketing uses Big Data for a precise forecast of your customer behavior. It enables your business to predict the marketing actions and strategies most likely to succeed. 

As per the Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report, predictive marketing leaves a lasting impact on your business. 

Predictive Intelligence recommendations influenced 26.34 % of total orders. And after 36 months of implementation, Predictive Intelligence influences revenue by 40.38 %. 

Now, we deal with how Marketing Cloud helps your retail business with predictive analytics and other features.  

How Does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud help Retail Business?

Here are some of the ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps your retail business: 

Harness the Power of Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics in Marketing Cloud allows the marketers to anticipate the trends across all channels, in web, advertising, and research. Predictive Analytics helps in the conversion of your website from a static, one-size-fits-all solution to a personalized, dynamic one. This site can make real-time recommendations, collect customer data just by clicking, and all that leads to increased conversions for your business. You can also use predictive SEO for optimized sites by anticipating trends and other issues. 

Moreover, predictive advertising creates demographics and specific interest groups by segmentation of clients while collecting data from various sources. 

Finally, research shows that high-performing marketing teams rely on predictive intelligence. You can predict future trends for your retail business with predictive analytics of Marketing Cloud. Predictive Analytics uses the advantage of historical data. Marketing campaigns sent with predictive intelligence can track what works and what does not for individual customers. 

Marketing Cloud combines predictive modeling with the reliability, security, and power of CRM. This delivers a solution as per the content to match the client requirements. You can design the marketing strategy by forecasting the upcoming trends. 

Better Understand the Customers

The customers while moving across various channels leaves valuable data. Analytics creates precise customer profiles with the customer data generated with every item viewed in an online store, visiting the website, or creating contact with a customer representative. Your business understands the customers in a better way with these profiles.

Moreover, you can use the power of predictive intelligence to create personalized emails. This allows you to create meaningful email messages with personalized email messages. Email Personalization increases the conversion rate of your business. As per a study, there is a 6X higher conversion rate with email personalization

Customer Health

Customer Health is one of the critical aspects of sales and marketing which marketers often tend to overlook. Marketing Cloud helps in taking care of your customer health. A good example is sending a push notification to a retail client when there is some issue to be resolved. So, there is a need to adapt to customer behavior and activity, withholding the content until the resolution of the issue.  

Customer Request

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers to simplify the tracking of customer feedback, reactions, and requests. The platform helps in triggering commands, tracking specific user actions, and sending personal notifications as a response. It delivers personalized customer experiences with information on the interests of prospective clients. 

Predict Outcomes with Salesforce Einstein

Marketing Cloud comes with Einstein, which acts as your personal data scientist. It gathers data, learns when required, and performs tasks automatically. However, unlike the data scientist, it has limitless capabilities on data analysis. Einstein allows you to make recommendations for the next step with customer insights and predict outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. 

Build 1:1 Customer Interactions

Personalization Builder in Marketing Cloud incorporates Einstein’s predictive analytics capabilities to deliver 1:1 customer interactions across all channels - emails, mobiles, web. You can connect with customers in an enhanced way, by inspiring them with targeted content, based on their behavior. 

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is easy-to-use and increases the conversion rates of your retail business by collecting data and delivering personalized, engaging marketing content. Marketing Cloud uses the power of predictive intelligence to predict the future trends of your retail business. Predictive Analytics creates personalized emails that increase the conversion rates and engagement for your business. Predictive Analytics enables marketers to anticipate trends across a wide range of channels. 

As the customer moves across channels, from online stores, websites, and others, customers' profiles get created. This enables your business to clearly understand the customers in a better way. Moreover, Marketing Cloud also takes care of the customer's health and sends personalized messages at the most appropriate time. Marketing Cloud also comes with Salesforce Einstein that can predict business outcomes with higher accuracy. Finally, the Personalization Builder of Marketing Cloud helps to deliver 1:1 customer interactions - across all channels. 


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