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Simply put, Salesforce record types allow you to recommend alternative business procedures, choice list values, and page layouts to different users. By supplying distinct checklist values for each agreement, you may build record types in Salesforce to distinguish between your typical sales agreements and professional service commitments.

It supports several page layouts and even offers a different user interface for the same object. The administrator can link the post type to the profile so that different sorts of users on the post detail page see different drop-down values and page layouts.


1. Depending on the requirements, different picklist values are displayed.

2. Use profile and record type assignment to limit the generation of certain types of records.

3. Field access on layouts can be restricted based on record types and page layouts.

4. Depending on the business requirements, different page layouts for the same object are displayed.

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Creating a Record Type:

Both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning versions have the ability to create record kinds. Salesforce users that have purchased the Professional, Performance, Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer editions will be allowed to create new record types.

As a Salesforce user, it's a good idea to put all of the expected values for record types in the master list of your pick-list before you start producing record types because the master pick-list contains all of the pick-list values that can be used in any record types you create on Salesforce.

Go to Setup ->Object Manager -> Select the object where you want to create record type -> Click Record Type -> Select New ->Enter the Record Type Label and Record Type Name -> Make sure the Active checkbox is checked -> Select the Profile Checkbox for the profiles to make record type Available -> Click Next -> Select the page Layout -> Click Save


1. The Opportunity Stage, Solution Status, Lead Status, and Case Status pick-list fields are not available for any Salesforce record type.

2. You will not be able to deactivate a record type that is being used by an email routing address for On-Demand-Email-To-Case or Email-To-Case purposes.

3. You won't be able to change or delete record types that belong to a Salesforce object if it's referenced in Apex.

4. The salutation, status, and lead source pick-lists for campaign members are not available for any Salesforce record type.

5. For a corporate organisation, it's best not to develop more than 200 record types because there's a good risk the system won't be able to process and manage them.

Deleting a Record Type:

1. Go to setup

2. Select o3bject manager

3. Select Account

4. Select record types

5. On the screen, record types are displayed.

6. Choose the record type you want to delete from the drop-down menu.

7. Click the arrow on the left side of the record type you want to delete

8. Click Delete

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Points to Remember:

1. Only inactive record types can be deleted, thus making the record type inactive before deleting it.

2. Click the edit option and uncheck the Active checkbox to make record types inactive.

3. You may now effortlessly delete the record types you want.


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