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Why Hire Third-party Consultants for Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce is a fairly vast platform to understand and implement thoroughly. While its functionality is simple and automated, its development and implementation might turn out to be equally challenging. It is always advisable for organizations to have a dedicated Salesforce Consultant by their side to optimize the CRM platform and implement it well.
However, the manner in which you avail of Salesforce consultancy services plays an important role in getting your work done. Over time, organizations are increasingly shifting from the traditional on-premise Salesforce consultancy services to Salesforce managed services.

The traditional way of availing of Salesforce services involves hiring full-time Salesforce professionals who work on-premise and provide you with the required services. On the other hand, Salesforce managed services involve Salesforce professionals providing proactive services on a contract basis. Here, instead of hiring full-time professionals, you hire third-party service providers to get your work done

When you hire third-party consultants for Salesforce managed services, you get thorough help and guidance from a Salesforce Consultant or a consulting company that is not affiliated with your organization and is independent in providing its services. This approach to availing of Salesforce services is getting increasingly popular with organizations across the board over time.

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Here are Some of the Major Reasons Why you Should Hire Third-party Consultants for Salesforce Managed Services

Cutting Down Costs

When you hire a full-time Salesforce Consultant, you pay them a fixed salary on a regular basis – for the times when you need their services and the times when you don’t. Also, owing to their increasing demand, Salesforce professionals charge the moon when they are hired on a full-time basis.

Instead, when you hire third-party consultants, the Salesforce managed services pricing is much more affordable as compared to the alternative discussed above. This is because Salesforce managed service providers are hired only when their services are required. It does not require you to pay a fixed amount of money every week/month to your consultant, even when you are not in need of their services.

A Highly Focused Approach

When you hire a full-time Salesforce Consultant, they naturally get associated with a number of other processes and commitments within your organization. This is likely to distract their focus from their work and affect the services you obtain from them.

On the other hand, hiring a third-party consultant provides you with a highly focused approach as they are not affiliated with your organization in any way. All their time and effort are dedicated to the work they are hired to do and they focus all their attention on the same. This automatically increases the quality of services availed of by your organization and leads to an increase in its overall productivity.

Getting Holistic Support

Several Salesforce managed service providers comprise a team of skilled professionals that handle multiple aspects of managing your Salesforce org. Instead of hiring a single full-time professional that specializes in one specific field, availing of Salesforce managed services provides you with a bunch of professionals with varied expertise. This provides you with a holistic approach to Salesforce consultancy.

No Need for Training

Salesforce is a technology that keeps changing from time to time, making it important for professionals to stay updated with the same. On hiring full-time in-house Salesforce Consultants, you would be required to train them well to ensure that they are in sync with the latest trends and technological advancements.

However, hiring third-party consultants saves you from the time, effort, and money required for getting them trained. The managed service providers are responsible for training themselves and staying updated at any point in time. This helps you avail of services that are updated to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Effortless Onboarding

In the case of hiring full-time Salesforce professionals, you would be required to undertake a thorough onboarding process that may take a few weeks (or months) of your time in making sure that the employees have adjusted well with the new work environment.

On the other hand, hiring third-party consultants for Salesforce managed services saves you from the time and cost of onboarding them as they join your organization. As they are hired on a contract basis, there is no need to onboard them thoroughly and monitor their progress over time. You can start availing of their services immediately after getting hired.

24/7 Availability

While in-house employees provide their services between fixed working hours, third-party consultants are available to provide their services round the clock. Most Salesforce managed service providers are available 24/7 to provide their consultancy services. Whenever you are in need of their services, you can get in touch with them and they would start with their services almost immediately.

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Obtaining Services Remotely

Thanks to Salesforce being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce can be managed remotely. This makes hiring third-party consultants ideal for availing of their services remotely. Here, the consultants can readily help you implement and operate the CRM platform without the need for on-premise services.

This increases the speed and efficiency of Salesforce services, making them more proactive in nature.

High Flexibility And Scalability

When you hire an in-house Salesforce professional, they are given a specific designation and a set of roles and responsibilities. Once hired, it is not easy for them to scale their services up or down. Also, if you need additional services, you would be required to hire different professionals for the same.

Salesforce managed services, you can scale the consultancy services up or down according to your needs and preferences. Also, if you are looking for additional (or different) services, you can hire a team that provides you with an array of services in a single package.

The Final Word

These were some of the key reasons why you should hire third-party consultants for Salesforce managed services over hiring full-time Salesforce professionals. Salesforce managed services are here to stay and it is advisable for organizations to make the much-needed switch to avail of expert services at affordable rates.


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