How to Build an Email Using Content Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Credits : Cameron Robert

Cameron Robert steps through how to build your first email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud using Content Builder by replicating an existing Salesforce email from

Key Moments:
Introduction (0:00)
Explore Content Builder in Marketing Cloud (0:18)
Email Template and Properties (1:30)
Email Creation Interface in Content Builder (2:56)
Content Blocks Overview in Content Builder (3:51)
Layouts Overview in Content Builder (5:08)
Selecting an Email to build from ReallyGoodEmails (6:36)
Building the Email Structure using Content Blocks (7:48)
Recreating the Email Content (8:55)
Preview the Email (18:18)
Email Build Challenge (19:12)
Summary (19:39)

šŸ† Suggested Email Build Challenges:


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