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  • Brodie Lawton

    October 20, 2021 at 10:07 pm

    Hey Guys,

    My name is Brodie; I'm an IT/Salesforce professional based in England. I'm new to this forum but have worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for a little over three years now. I'm writing this post to try and get some community feedback on an idea I've had for a new service to help manage Salesforce licencing.

    Part of my current role is managing my organisation's Salesforce licencing, which can be challenging to say the least! Whenever I look into my or other organisation's licencing situation, I consistently come across a considerable amount of waste. Usually, this is because of dormant users who should be inactive, but recently another group of users has come to mind.

    If users are working across time zones or on rotas (such as in a contact centre), it would be much more cost-effective only to licence the maximum number of users you could have logged in at once. I've studied the Salesforce licence agreements, and there is nothing to prohibit this; in fact, SFDC has been known to endorse activating/deactivating users rather than using "generic" or "unnamed" user accounts.

    My question to the community is; if there was a product capable of managing licences in this way, would it be something that you'd be interested in procuring? I'd love to hear your feedback, and please comment with any questions you may have!

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