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    How to integrate JIRA with Salesforce?

    How to integrate JIRA with Salesforce?


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    There are many middlewares tools which supports Salesforce <–> JIRA integration are available in market place . Also both are providing their own API’s and it is easy to connect any external source from Salesforce using apex.

    For more details: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/net.customware.plugins.connector.salesforce.salesforce-connector-plugin/server/overview


    Considering you are still looking out for the solution then you should definitely try Salesforce-Jira connector. It is salesforce native and comes at a nominal cost with no user limit.


    The best way to integrate your salesforce with jira is using the connector,

    Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira Connector enables your customer support and engineering/product teams to effortlessly collaborate. Our self-service connector to empower your support team to quickly escalate issues to your both the teams, get responses in time, and share case updates with your customers.

    To evaluate the connector by yourself click here to watch the connector in action.


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    JIRA is a software that is used for project management, bug tracking and issue tracking. Integrating JIRA with Salesforce can be a turnkey factor for your business. You can either hire a good Salesforce integration partner to do that for you or try one of the following means given below. However, it is suggested that you hire a professional Salesforce Developer for this as this is a technical procedure and requires technical expertise.

    ·         Use Salesforce JIRA connector

    ·         Using  Salesforce Apex to connect an external source with its own API

    ·         Use any middleware connector

    ·         Go to Salesforce AppExchange and look for an integration app

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