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    How to ignore duplicate management rules and save update address?

    Hello guys,

    I want to ignore duplicate management rules. I am validating the address on Account page. When i saved the address is showing the attached image of my sf page. I am getting Save (ignore) button came.

    I want to know which type of coding is used behind the Save(ignore) button. I have my own button. I want to validate address when I click on on my own button. It does not save my validate address. I used following line of code:

    Database.SaveResult sr = Database.update(oAccount[0], false);

    But this code ignores the validated address. I want to save validated address. how’s it possible?

    Which query is using Save(Ignore) button? I want to use that on my own button. Please help me.

    Guys, I am not able to save the image. Sorry.


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    Salesforce | Abhinav Abhinav #447

    Hi Bhavesh,

    There must be Matching Rules on Account which are active in your org. This rules validate the address. There must be accounts exist in your org with the same address with which you are trying to create the new account.

    These are the standard salesforce rules which are by default active. When you will deactivate these it will allow you to save the records.

    These rules are to save the creation of duplicate records with either same address or email. If you dont require these rules please deactivate these and it will allow you to create the records.


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