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  • Ratnesh

    February 17, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    Can we create a PushTopic in the Salesforce?


    February 18, 2020 at 11:24 am

    Push Topics are a connection between Salesforce and CxEngage that recognize when there is a new email message in Salesforce and sends that information to CxEngage.

    Creating a Push Topic
    Go to
    Select either Production or Sandbox depending on which environment your Salesforce organization is in.
    Click Login with Salesforce.Make sure that you log in with the same Salesforce account for the Salesforce organization that you are setting up with the integration.
    Go to data > Insert.
    For Object Type, select PushTopic.
    Select Single Record.
    Click Next.
    For the PushTopic field values enter:ApiVersion: 35.0
    Name: Enter the name you want for the Push Topic.
    NotifyForFields: Referenced
    NotifyForOperationCreate: false
    NotifyForOperationDelete: false
    NotifyForOperationUndelete: false
    NotifyForOperationUpdate: true
    Query: SELECT Id, <Custom Field API name> FROM Case WHERE OwnerID = '<queue ID>'For help finding the API name for the Last Email Received custom field that you created, see Find the API name of a field.
    Enter the queue ID for the queue that owns the incoming cases. This is the same ID that you used in the workflow rule.
    For example, if the API name for your Last Email Received custom field is LastEmail__c and your queue ID is 00G22000000R4PB, your query is:

    SELECT Id, LastEmail__c FROM Case WHERE OwnerID = '00G22000000R4PB'

    Click Confirm Insert.

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