Salesforce Buy Vs Salesforce Build - An Infographic

Uncover the Process that every business should understand at the time of Salesforce implementation and integration.

Salesforce Solution Buying Process

  • Search for Required Solution on Salesforce AppExchange Platform
  • Download the Chosen Solution from AppExchange
  • Grant Secure Access to Salesforce Event Monitoring Files
  • Customize Salesforce Dashboard
  • Set Security Controls for HIPPA, PCI, and Other Regulations
  • Start Using Salesforce Solution

Salesforce Solution Development Process

  • Prepare a plan for the project
  • Define documentation requirements from each department
  • Find and engage APEX developers & Salesforce admins
  • Recognizing & translating monitoring files
  • Build data storage (on-going process)
  • QA & testing process
  • Refine technical requirements
  • Again QA and testing and reporting
  • On-going maintenance process


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