Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration With Fexle Services

How To Leverage Quickbooks and Salesforce Integration for Businesses?

The pairing of the two most powerful platformsSalesforce and Quickbooks – always garner the best results for companies of all sizes. Through integration, you could get a 360-degree view of your business and learn about the scope of improvement.

Salesforce CRM & Advantages to Businesses

30% increase in sales

35% increase in sales productivity

25% increase in revenue generation

Quickbooks Has A Proven Track Record of Delivering

  • Accurate financial information
  • Time-saving process
  • Smooth business operations

Customers have experienced that Quickbooks has three major benefits:

  • 11 Hrs of time-saving every month
  • 87% of users accept Quickbooks importance for smooth business operations
  • 15% faster execution of the financial transaction

Know More How Salesforce Improves User Experience Through Hyper-Personalization

Integrate Your Accounting Data with CRM

There are multiple benefits of pairing CRM with Quickbooks

  • Sales & marketing runs on collaboration
  • Eradication of duplicate data entry
  • No manual errors
  • Improved productivity
  • Focused business growth

Leverage the power of Salesforce and Quickbooks integration. It will help you work on what matters, to work smarter, and to drive meaningful results.


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