How to Create Campaign in Salesforce for Sales Departments: 5 Best Practices

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful platform with several facilities for maintaining and improving the sales function. One of the dominant features offered by Salesforce is its campaign functionality for metrics-oriented marketers. Salesforce campaigns are defined as a standard Salesforce object included for each Salesforce customer. These campaigns are a group of Contacts and Leads exposed to specific marketing communication(s). They collect important performance metrics which means that salespeople can instantly see the prospects and customers that received marketing activity. Salesforce campaigns are an essential object for marketers and are designed to achieve specific goals such as improved revenue, leads, and adoption, etc. More leads mean more business. These campaigns are typically utilized by the marketing team, sales development team, etc. They are a great way of getting information on ROI. Campaigns save important performance metrics and help you to efficiently track the influence of a marketing campaign throughout the bigger portion of the sales funnel, beginning with a lead to a closed opportunity.

Reference: cynoteck


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