Maximize Your Business ROI with Salesforce CRM – The Do’s and Don’ts

Salesforce is The Largest CRM Provider in The World with 19.5% of the market share.

Companies that use Salesforce CRM, have experienced:

  • 41% increase in productivity
  • 21% increase in win rates
  • 23 % faster time to close
  • 40% increase in collaboration
  • 44% increase in conversion rates

Here Are the Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve Excellence through Salesforce


  • Leverage the full potential of this cloud-based CRM, and embrace new features to excite users and drive efficiencies.
  • Integrate apps like social, marketing automation, etc., that bring value to businesses.
  • Utilize the full capabilities of mobile CRM and accommodate modern demand.


  • Never neglect alignment between your sales and marketing teams.
  • Never ignore any analysis or report that you have got from CRM.
  • Do not ignore customer relationship which has been enhanced and evolved using Salesforce CRM.


Popular Salesforce Infographics